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App-Repository 0.965

This module is a logical data access layer for the App::Context Framework, providing a uniform API to access data in databases, file systems, remote web sites, etc

FastPage 1.0

- Easy to use, install and configure

MovieClip.avoideMouse 1.0

MovieClip.avoideMouse - avoid mouse movieclip

Fastwap 1.3

Fastwap is freely available under the GNU Public license.

OpenVPN Rekeying Drone 1.0

The script acts like a drone, running the external OTP to get all the necessary data (username / password).

AJ Auctions V 2.1

PHP Auction Script, Free Installation, Easily Managable Auction Script, Fully Automatic, My Sql

Travelmap 1.3

Besides the map, a table with the entire course and dates can be displayed under.

Make telephone calls 1.0

This script could be used to create telephone calls from Python programs

Javascript Rollover Menu With Images 1.0

Javascript Rollover Menu With Images javascript shows an interesting rollover menu.

DWsurvey 3.6

A PHP/MySQL/GD powered, web based survey generation and analysis program.

csvFieldDump 1.0

The field number or field names to extract can be specified. A numbered list of the CSV headers can also be displayed.
It can also used in command line by passing various flags to it. If the script is made an executable type ./script -h ...

Batch E-Mail

Send e-mail message from Windows command prompt


Professional, powerful, easy-to-use software for digital publishing, including an advertising management system

big modulo function 1.0

4448780^91884097(mod 961)

HTTPSock 1.00

Compiles and ships HTTP Requests using pure sockets

Subscriptions module 1.0

This component allows of users registering for services

Horoscope 1.0

This is a simple example in java to calculate the horoscope.

Popup with correct resize 2.1

After finding that the popup does not resize correctly because of the statubar not being hidden anymore I hunted down and created another facility (see here). Attached is another new version of the popup_image page (based on osc2.2MS2 page), ...

Digital Address Book 1.0

Digital Address Book is a personal notebook that allows you to store necessary contact informations in it.

Shopping Cart 1.0

The shopping cart automates check out and makes administrating your store a snap.