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Postgres Module 1.4

The following functions are currently not implemented: PQtrace(), PQendtrace(), and the asynchronous notification.
Once you db_connect() to a database, you can then issue commands to the execute() method. If either of them returns an ...

A Python script to test download mirrors 1.1

1. Let the underlying libraries do as much work as possible.

PostCalendar dev 1.0

A very good module to manage calendars and events

Extended Ranks System 1.0.2

This mod allows you to set up diffrent rank sets, wich you can use to attach different post count ranks to individual users, users who use a certain template or users who are either male or female.
You can choose to allow your members to ...

The Runs Test 1.0

PURPOSE: check if the positive and negative runs in the vector x is random or not.


Perfect for who's on air right now

Powershop 5.0

Dynamic fully customizable cart system

TinyMCE-EXP 1.23

Most important functions of TinyMCE-EXP:

IP Display Widget AS3 1.0

PHP needs to be installed in order to work.

FirePHPCore 0.3.2

Most important functions of FirePHPCore:

Write Farsi to Image 1.0

This is a simple class with a single function that can translate Farsi text so it can be used to render in an image with special TrueType fonts using the function ImageTTFText of the PHP GD extension.
To render the converted text you need ...

ScrollBar Movie Vertical 1.0

ScrollBar Movie Vertical component is FREE STYLE HELPER COMPONENT.

DD Blue Blocks Menu 4.3

This code creates a block looking vertical menu, inspired by the original Blue Blocks menu and based on the CSS used by the vertical menu of the site CSS Drive.
It supports the insertion of menu headers to act as dividers between groups ...

Language Selection Mod 1.0.0

To customize its location, the user needs to know CSS.

Graphicshape 1.0

This program shows how to create some good shapes and how to capture screen and save in bmp format.

JForm 1.0

A Nice and simple contact form.

eBay API 1.0

Several types of operations can be executed through the eBay Web services API. 1.7 is a Python package that interfaces to gnuplot, the popular open-source plotting program. It allows you to use gnuplot from within Python to plot arrays of data from memory, data files, or mathematical functions.
If you use ...

BXCP - bx Clanportal R6

Opensource CMS for Gaming-Clans and other Groups