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Newest Software Scripts

wp-popeye 0.2.4

Because its compact, it can be used to save space when displaying large image sets.

Contribution Switch .2

You MUST have installed Version Control & Bookmark MODULE for Contributions 0.1.4

A Year Before 0.7.1

Allows showing what happened on the blog some time ago.

Tabular Data Control 1.0

Tabular Data Control allows you to populate a pageable/sortable grid-like table using a ASP generated CSV data source.

MiniBB News 2.0

The discussions are displayed within a widget on the sidebar.

Prayer Times Calculator Visual Basic DLL Library 1.0

It can be used as an organizer so a person won't miss his prayer times.

texTPress 1.1

Most important functions of texTPress:

max_min 1.0


Turnkey Mailing List Manager 1.0

Automate your email campaigns and convert your leads into sales with Mailing List Manager

Plumbo 1.0

This simple module can be used to track down circular references that cause memory leaks. It works by traversing the instance attributes of objects, treating your object structure as a graph and looking for circular references.

mapbMenu 0.9.2

An easily customizable drop down dhtml menu.

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server 1.0

Gain control of users and system resources.

Global Images 1.1.4

Make Users be able to choose from a list of pictures to insert in post message.

ModuleSoft .NET Module DatePicker 1.2

Module DatePicker is the DHTML calendar control that saves you time and improves user experience.

Jobpot 1.0

Jobpot is a simple application to manage Job sites; it has a public area where people can see the latest job posts and submit new ones, and an administrative area where administrators can see the latest submissions and publish or delete them.

Data-asXML 0.5

By doing so, it makes the serialization to and from XML possible.

HTTP_Request class PHP 1.0

This class provides an API to enable you to make HTTP requests.

Arrange Fields 6.x-1.4

Setup Process:

Apache Commons SCXML 0.9

It can execute an environment agnostic state machine defined using SCXML documents.