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epesi BIM 1.0.0RC2

- 100% web based

Paged Gallery 0.7

Setup Process:

phpCMS nextGen 1.0

phpCMS nextGen is a flatfile / xml based CMS which is written in PHP

deeMySQLParser 1.0

deeMySQLParser is a mysqldump parser that returns table structure of a dump in a nice associative array.

Primes 0.3

News in the current Primes version:

ASP Photo Album / Image Gallery - FREE 2.0

This baby displays all images and thumbnails in a directory.

PageRank demo 1.0

PAGERANKDEMO draws the 6-node "tiny web" in Section 2.11 of "Numerical Computing with MATLAB", by Cleve Moler, SIAM, 2004. It then simulates the computation of Google's PageRank algorithm, by randomly selecting links to traverse. If a link is ...

GSA Simple XML Parser 1.02

GSA Simple XML Parser is a XML DOM style parser class written in PHP. This class can inport XML data using expat or regex.

GUI Code 1.0

The program sports menu bars, icons, uses resources, message boxes and more.

Equilibrium beach profile 1.0

Hs12 = The effective significant wave height (m).

Accordion Content script

This script lets you group arbitrary contents on the page together and reveal them on demand.

foobla Twitter application for Joomla

foobla Twitter application provides comprehensive solution to use Twitter inside Joomla.

TC Simple Contact Form 1.0

A free simple contact form written in php

Web UI Credit Card Validator 1.3

Web control to validate credit cards within your ASP.NET application

Dynamic Image Rotation 1.0

This code radomly selects and image from a directory and with the aid of META refresh rotates images on a page in a slideshow fashion.
The code will function fine without the META refresh enabling a different image to be viewed upon page ...

form-o-mat 1.0

This class is meant to generate and validate HTML forms using a few functions to define inputs, load and validate the submitted values, and output the form.
The class lets the developer define individual form inputs or inputs that usually ...

Mouse-friendly FIGURE 1.0

Most important functions of Mouse-friendly FIGURE:


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