Free software scripts

Newest Software Scripts

ForexFeed Realtime Currency Tickers 6.x-1.0

Unpack in your modules folder (usually '/sites/all/modules/')

Polly (PHP) 2.0

A dynamic polling system written in PHP with Web based admin.

London2012 2.0

The banner can be displayed on any webpage using the SWF file provided.

BNC Paypal IPN - with encrypted links 3.0

It can be used for selling online e-goods.

ASPPainter 1.0

Edit images in ASP with ASPPainter ActiveX component.

Elastic Follow 1.0

· Flash 8, Flash CS3, AS 1.0, AS 2.0

Clipy 0.4

News in the current Clipy version:

Correct search synonyms 1.0.0

Corrects the indexing and searching for entries in the synonyms file.

RSS Remote Enclosure 5.x-0.5-beta

The link also gets displayed below the body of the node in the links area.

AuthMan Free 1.0.0

AuthMan Free is authentication/password protection and membership management system.

High Explosive Link 1.0

Click on the image link and you will be blown right into the desired website

simple email validation 1.0

simple email validation script validates an email address and returns TRUE or FALSE

Smail Script

Smail-3 is an implementation of an Electronic Mail Transport Agent (MTA), i.e. a program used for sending and receiving electronic mail, for Unix-like (POSIX compatible) systems.
Smail's job is to accept mail messages from local files or ...


A website development tool for Ruby on Rails

WAccess 1.1

WAccess is a is a very simple system Access manager.