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Color Blindness Library 1.0

This function allows you to see what colors look like to those who are color blind.

Google Docs Viewer 1.0

To use, just add [gdoc]Google_Docs_URL[/gdoc].

Free qboard 2

Free QBoard to run your own tagboard service.

tweak_array 1.0

The arrays grow or shrink dynamically to whatever we tweak it.

xmlCalendar 1.0

Features:- XML and ActionScript Controlled

Quick Preview Button 1.0

Please publish this module to "header" position.

Check dates interval function 1.0

Check dates interval function allows you to check dates interval from two edit boxes inputed in form dd-mm-yyyy.


CGI & Perl Form Processors from Hot Scripts.

Payment Processing Script just Like PAYPAL: 2.3.0

Become your on Type Paypal service

Specify the button's properties 1.0

Specify the button's properties script helps you to modify the buttons parameters.

Lazy Load (WordPress) 1.0

The lazy load technique loads only content viewable on the viewport.

Plupload v1.4.0

It is highly scalable, and can be integrated into Content Management System or similar.

VBChat 1.0

Make a live chat room without Java.

rounded corners with no images, just css 1.0

rounded corners with no images, just css script allows you to use css in order to round table corners.

QueryLoader 1.0

Custom animations can also be added, making loading the page an unique experience.

E-Bank 1.0

E-Bank ™ is a pointssystem that either integrates with the current nuke points system or with the nukeroyal one. Now you can offer your members the possibility to let them deposit points on their account at a conversion rate for 0.10 ...

PHP Selector 1.1.3

It also supports most CSS3 selectors.

bib_server 1.0

It listens for TCP connections on a specified IP address and port.