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Country Name to Currency Name Javascript

This script will help you to know the currency name for each and every foreign country.

Curl multi sitemap 1.0

It can ignore given URLs and not include them in the sitemap.

Table shipping based on number of items 1.0

- total weight of the items in the cart

Alfandega Firewall 2.2.2

Alfandega Firewall uses Netfilter and implements a statefull firewall that blocks nocive packets incoming/outcoming to/from your network. The software borns from a simple firewall script to implements a NAT gateway using ADSL.
Alfandega ...

MRWhois 1.3

Adjusts to your PHP-Nuke theme

Multi Author Comment Notification 1.0.5

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

jQuery overplaceholder Plugin 1.0.1

It is not a placeholder, but simulates one by repositioning form labels.

Dropbox REST API Client 1.1

Developed by Dropbox themselves, it will allow developers to intertwine Python apps with Dropbox services.
Developers can enhance mobile applications with online file browsing, synchronization, backup, and sharing features.

adenin DynamicIntra.NET Collaboration Server 4.5

Collaboration platform that enables virtual teams to work together independent of time and location.

d-Audio Express xml mp3 1.0

d-Audio Express xml mp3 is the ultimate flash mp3 player for your online music shop.

Bitmap/Object Script 1.0

This example demonstrates the use of bitmasking to store values in a single variable and how to use objects with JavaScript.

Active Server Image 1.12

Generate custom industrial, manufacture, business, medical, chemical charts.

ruby array chop 1.0

ruby array chop - for creating sets of data for tables generally

Simple TMX class 1.0

This class can be used to retrieve texts to be used by internationalized applications from XML files.
The class can parse files in specific XML format that contain the internationalized texts for a given idiom.
The texts are stored ...

iCarousel 1.001

iCarousel is a horizontal image scroller.

Users Online 1.0

Display the number of visitors on your site

Historical Comment Count 1.20

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

AddOn SubMenu 1.0

This script creates an add-on submenu to a main menu. The script can also provide mouseover effects and links to the Main Menu entries.

ASP Appointment Calendar w/ HTML Editor 3.20

Special version of our standard Dreamweaver ASP Appointment Calendar, it contains all the features from the standard version and a lot of new features.