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Pop-it menu

Associate a dynamic menu with regular links on your page.

PayPal Pro Direct Payments & Express Checkout 0.9

Your store will be modified in the following ways:

RP-Web Links for PHP-Nuke 7.6 2.0

- You can customize module tabel colors to what your theme are using.

Easy Tags 1.00

An easy to use Meta-Tag Maker.

Empty Store SQL file 1.0

You can use this in place of the oscommerce.sql file that comes with the package

Custom Filter 1.0

Sample filters which can be imported are provided.

jsDice 6.x-1.0

It can be used for games such as 421 or any role playing game.

Sendmail Logcheck (PHP) 1.2

Use this script to analyse sendmail logfiles created by the syslog daemon.

Fading Button 1.0

The message on the button will even change after you click on it!

Upload Log 5.x-1.x-dev

It is also possible to send notifications via e-mail.

Car Wash Booking System 3.1

Most important functions of Car Wash Booking System:

Simple Clock 1.01

Call this PERL script through SSI to display the time and / or date on a webpage.


This class is a MySQL database access wrapper.

AwesomeFramework 0.9.0

This is a PHP application framework of an extremely simple Plain Old PHP File base

Views Slideshow 1.0

Depending on the mode, slideshows may either be displayed in a single element, or in a single element with thumbnails/teasers in another. Settings are available for fade, timing, mode, and more.
- Unpack in ...

Veracity 1.0

Veracity is a continuous integration tool fused with a software engineering process engine.


A COM Object that enables your ASP app to upload files via browser to server.

Snowmaker 1.0

Are you dreaming of a white christmas? Install this ultimate snowing-script and put your visitors in the right mood for Christmas. No images required.
It allows an easy configuration of snowtype, number of snowflakes, snowing-zone, speed ...