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SPRAY is a brand new particle generation component. With SPRAY, you can simulate a flow of sparkles, rain, snow, bubbles, falling leaves, etc... The only limit is your imagination (The star effect in the eye of our top frame is made with ...

IMAP mail server attachment handler 1.0

This python script monitors the IMAP mail server for the given account and moves the mails with attachments to "Downloadedmails" folder in server after downloading the attachments to the individual directories on localmachine with the ...

AutoMailer 1.0

After sending the files, the program will create a new folder containing the sent files.

DeltaPAY 1.0

DeltaPAY module for osCommerce, a payment gateway mechanism located in Greece.

SF Links 3.0

A link or affiliate management script

Pictoru's BNR Parser 1.0

An array with two elements, date and currencies, is used to return the information.

Be_Download Counter 1.0

· Unix, Ligt;#indows Platforms

Skitsanos WDK 7.0

XML driven web project deployment solution for webware developers.

TaskDriver 1.3 1.3

A web based task tracking application with built-in user authentication.

PitchWatch 1.0

Hear me hum the G major (offkey!) and use pitchwatch to view the pitch keys displayed from the lowest key A0 to the highest key C8.
The pitch calculation is based on the AMDF-fractional pitch period determination. The function is designed ...

Php User Authentication - Php Login Script - Open Source Membership Management Software 1.7

You will be able to organize your online members easily.

Simple easy to install chat script! 1.0

A simple to install chat script that is easy to implement into any page!

metafire 1.0

Metafire is a very simple database abstraction layer for firebird/interbase.

Tooltip Loader 1.0

Most important functions of Tooltip Loader:

FasTalk - A messanger software 1.0

A messanger software for your company or local home network fast and comfortable communication.

Class Template 1.0

The class is compatible with PHPLib, but also has a few enhancements, such as file inclusion from the same template or optional blocks.

PM Cal 1.0

View by day, week, or month

Subscribtion Deluxe for Joomla CMS 3.0.0

This component is huge! We have taken most of the requests from customers and implemented.

Quick File Mailer 1

Send files right from your web page to anyone you specified.

FlyPage Updater 2.0

CGI & Perl Content Management from Hot Scripts.