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ListBoards 1.0

This function returns a list of available analog channels for a specified adaptor.

Clickbank Ads Creator 1.0

Clickbank Ads Creator allows you to rotate targeted ads on any web page that you want to. The Clickbank Ads Creator gives you the ability to promote any of the products that are in the Clickbank Database, and there are thousands.
The ...


This script allows you to block User-agents via Perl.

DBMEdit 1.1

If you use DBM files, this program makes them easy to edit. Each value stored in a DBM file is treated as several "fields", delimited by a user-defined string-- in effect, supporting multiple columns within the one-column DBM format. This ...

Active News Manager 3.6

A program for publishing news online with ease.

HMStocks Stock Fetcher Component 1.0

Add stock quotes to your VB app or ASP web site.

UPX Packer 3.00

- universal: UPX can pack a number of executable formats.

Tigra Status Bar Scroller 1.0

- Scrolls text in status and/or title bar of browser's window

Set As Homepage Prompt 1.0

Set As Homepage Prompt JavaScript produces a customized prompt which allows your visitors to set your site as their homepage.

Pivo FTP COM and .NET Library 1.0

Supports both ASCII and Binary mode of data transfer.Default mode is ASCII.


Advanced Web server log analyzer.

conditioner for ActiveRecord-friendly conditions 1.0

So, I wrote this method to return ActiveRecord-friendly conditions.

PageRank Checker 2.0

- Display PageRank from multiple Google data centers

Automatic Blog Publisher 1.0

Automatic Blog Publisher allows you to publish blogs to different domains and different set of blog posts.
Admin control panel allows to manage your posts (and associated images) and set auto ping to blog site, so your blog will be ...

PHP FormMail Generator-A tool to create ready-to-use web forms in minutes. 2.0

PHP FormMail Generator-A tool to create ready-to-use web forms in minutes.

PV3D Cube V2

It supports a 3D cube and Papervision transitions.

Flotilla v0.4

The plugin generates beautiful canvas graphs from ActiveRecord models.

Web_Links 3.0a

Web_Links is a noc-projekt for the pnRender & pnAPI based 0.8 Core-Web_Links Module.

SVN-Notify 2.80

SVN-Notify can work with SourceForge SVN servers, as well with HTML formatted mails.