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iJoomla sidebars

Spice up your articles!

Xe-Speedtest 1.0

Flash High-Bandwidth Speed Test Module - Xe-SpeedtestV1 (Flash Bandwidth detection script Joomla Mambo - Bandwidth Detector) Test the speed of your Internet connection

JetStyle 0.9

Checkstyle Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

XP Web Buttons 5.2.5

Create web buttons of any XP theme.

IEScroll 1.0

Download IEScroll today to upgrade your Internet browsing experience!

Add2it Mailman 1.0

General features:

MathML 2 reference with examples 1.0

Both the indexes and the examples were extracted from the MathML2 Proposed Recommendation and MathML 2 DTD.
The reference will be upgraded when the standard is finalized. The examples were extracted programatically, so there can be some ...

Xtreme Template Engine 1.0

XtremeTemplate is a powerful but lightweight object-oriented template system for PHP.

PVD Tusa Chat 5.3.1

A highly productive web server for online and offline chatting.

IP 2 Country IP2C on MySQL 0.5

It does this by looking it up in a MySQL database.

plusPHP Fake Magazine Covers Generator & Rating 1.1

All-in-one web 2.0 application to launch attractive entertainment site.


SourceForums is a growing community of Web developers of all ages and experience levels.

OrderSys 1.6.2

The system can be easily used for other purposes.

PHP Poll Maker 1

This is a clever script that creates a Poll for your site

Cursor Tail 1.0

This Javascript function makes the image to move behind the mouse cursor.

pnOSIS 1.0

pnOSIS seeks to continue and enhance the capabilities of Curtis Farnham's phpBible module and to provide a flexible interface for creating and accessing documents in the Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS) xml format.

identiPIC 1.0

identiPIC is a photo CAPTCHA system whereby a website visitor has to identify a picture to proceed. The system is typically used on web forms to block spambots. A human can identify a picture, a spambot cannot.
The web is awash with ...

FancyUpload 3.0

Most important functions of FancyUpload:

i4c 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R12