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DirecTemplate 1.0

Regular expressions are used to parse and process template place holder parameters.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget 1.5.2

It looks the same as the default WordPress Cloud Tag, but with optimized SEO code.

Flash Actionscript Date Picker 1.0

Flash Actionscript Date Picker is a flash date picker intended to be used in html forms to select a date and to fill an input box or an html element that supports innerHTML.

Jmalloc.H 1.0

Main header file for jmalloc

Best MY Paid Money script 2.8

Stop clicking links to earn pennies! Start your own online business in minutes!

ColorPicker components 1.0

Product Features

Facebook Like Button 5.6

The user can preview the button in the admin plugin settings section.

WebPop Servlet

Web-based email reader servlet via POP.

Category Meta plugin 1.2.1

The plugin creates a wp-termsmeta table to store the user created meta information.

jQuery DropDown Plugin v1.2

Developers can create drop-down menus which show checkboxes near every option.

GPP Base Hook Widgets 1.1

Using action hooks, the plugin inserts all the necessary code in the theme's files.

Linkwa v1

Link Indexing Programm

Xmldoom 0.0.16

Xmldoom is a framework that allows you to bind database tables to Perl objects, a technique commonly referred to as object persistence, similar in purpose to Propel and Apache Torque.

jQuery Tags Input v1.2.4

To remove a tag, press the [x] button on its right.

phpFox Chat Module/ Extension 7.3

Add a chat to your website integrated with phpFox in minutes.

Myghty 1.2

Myghty is a legacy library, a base on which Pylons and Mako were based on.

Chupix 0.2.3

Chupix is a CMS written in PHP. Everybody can use it. It's simple to install because it uses a flat text file to store data (other database is not needed).
No library or program is needed, only one web server (Apache, ...) and PHP Parser ...