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Credit Card Payoff Calculator 1.0

Credit Card Payoff Calculator calculates the monthly payment or number of months to pay off a credit card debt using the remaining balance and interest rate.

Free Site 2.2

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dzone Widget 2.0

Various settings are available on the plugin's options page on the dashboard.

ShellCont 1.0

The visit count is stored in a MySQL database table.

RandomEM v.2 v.2

Display a random embedded YouTube video from a configurable list on your web page.

Google Keyhaviour 1.0

Most important functions of Google Keyhaviour:

toggleClassOnKeypress 1.19022011

Multiple keys / classes can be attached to each other.

Excel Reader 1.0

· PHP 4.3.4 or higher

Google +1 (Plus One) Recommend Button For WordPress 1.0

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Dial Meter Chart 1.00

Image generated using PHP

WyPiekacz 2.0.4

The post status is changed to draft if one of these rules are not met.

Only One Field 1.0

The visitor must fill in either one of two fields, their name or email address. If they click in either box the other box's value is erased.
Ensures that when the form is submitted only one field contains a value. Also contains validation ...

Delorean v1.0

A working demo is included with the download package.

XOR en/de-cryptor 1.0

This script will enable you to encrypt and decrypt strings with XOR

SFEBlackJack 1.0.3

Free Online Blackjack (21) game

Sparse sub access 1.0

The array indexes must be provided in (row,column) form.

SingleRadar 1

Visually see statuses about pages using graphical images

@1 Event Publisher

A script to post events on your webpage via SSI.

Visitor Hit Counter Pro Software 1.1

Graphical Counter :

M5 0.3.1

Most important functions of M5: