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table with hor and vert headers and caption 1.0

table with hor and vert headers and caption script creates a table with horizontal and vertical headers and caption.

MySQL Backup Script 1.01

MySQL Backup Script takes a snapshot of all your databases, compresses the file and sends it to you by e-mail or by FTP! Moreover, it can be run either from the command line or a cron job (scheduler), as well as remotely from your browser.

IPConvert 1.0

· unix/linux/freebsd OS

Easy File Share - Start your own file hosting site 2.74

Easy File Share is the easiest and a great way to share your files with others.

Quirex PHP 1.0

Quirex is a quiz system suitable for many uses.

Admin Style Statistic 1.0.0

This MOD Adds a Style Watching System to your ACP

Scrub 0.1.16

Doing this is very simple, the class being easy to integrate in any CMS.

Minify CSS using PHP v1.0

Want to save bandwidh, and provide minified CSS? this is what you need, a php class...

Php Link Directory 4.0

Link directory websites are generally used for SEO or advertising revenue.

SEOStart Directory Manager 4.0

SEOStart Directory Manager helps you to maintain a link directory for your Website.

My Homepage 1.2

MyHomePage uses HTMLArea3_XTD to create content and Invision Filemanager to handle files

Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.0rc5

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Postlister 1.0

Feature-rich PHP/MySQL mailing list manager.

cns Membership Manager Pro 5.1

Run an automated Members Only Area on your website

Warn Customer 1.0

This contrib will show a warning for each order by new customers that have not been verified. The warning is a cross sign and a mouseover text. The warning will only be generated for customers that have no other order in status processing or ...

QuackTemplate.Wrapper 1.0

QuackTemplate.Wrapper is a template helper class: it takes arbitrary Python objects and uses__gettitem__ so that the wrapped object can be passed into the standard Python string substitution mechanism. It can follow method calls, dict keys and ...

F-IN-BOX 1.0

Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are supported.

Basic Linear Algebra Matrix 1.1

This script defines the Matrix class, an implementation of a linear algebra matrix. Arithmetic operations, trace, determinant, and minors are defined for it.
This is a lightweight alternative to a numerical Python package for people who ...