3D Engine grimpirate


Bezier Curve Generation 1.0

This little snippet draws Bezier Curves on the screen

Numbered Syntax Highlighter 1.0

This is a php script that takes a php file as an input and then outputs its code with the standard php highlighting but with line numbers as well.
Change the variable $filename to denote the file whose syntax you wish to highlight. ONLY ...

Hex Tiling 1.0

Draws a hexagonal grid on the screen as opposed to the traditional square grid.

ASCII Artwork Generator 1.0

This snippet takes an input file of the type gif, jpg, or png and then modifies it to display as a sequence of colored text in your browser window.
In order for this snippet to work it must be passed the filename of the image in question ...

Flat File Database Search Engine 1.0

Keep track of all the backups you make of data on CDs from your computer.