3D animation using pure CSS3 Marco Kuiper

Marco Kuiper

jHTML-Ipsum 1.0

This plugin is inspired by/ported from HTML-Ipsum, a project by Chris Coyier.

PHP Image Replacement 1.0

Every word is an image.

Quote display 1.0

The quotes are animated and smoothly transitioned one to another.

Colourful rating system 1.0

When not hovering the rating objects are gray.

iPhone Unlock 1.0

After unlocking, the script will redirect the user to another page.

Browser size aware content scaling 1.0

Items are shown and organized on liquid rows.

Advanced keypress navigation with jQuery 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

jQuery Code Expander 1.0

A small intuitive icon is also shown in the left upper corner.

Place your feedcount in a random sentence 1.0

The developer can configure the outputted sentences inside a PHP array.

Slot machine navigation 1.0

While hovering, the navigation slides down.

Mac Skype App menu with CSS3 and jQuery 1.0

The interface is styled after the Skype GUI on the Mac.

Sweet tabbed navigation 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

jSlickmenu 1.0

Most important functions of jSlickmenu:

jFancyTile 1.0

It takes the content of an unordered list and animates their transition.

Polaroid Photo Viewer 1.0

At page load, the images are randomly thrown across a wall.

Advanced jQuery background image slideshow 1.0

Images can be configured inside the jQuery plugin itself.

PHP Random Image Rotation 1.0

It can be used to rotate images in a header, background images, ads and more.

Dynamic Flash Viewer 1.0

The component uses PHP code to parse the current folder and retrieve the files.

Image Protection 1.0

Images can be defined in a XML configuration file.

Animated CSS3 Helix 1.0

· CSS3 enabled browser