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Absolute News Feed 1.0

You have a website, you are just starting. You need to post news and syndicate them to other sites. There are many solutions out there which have tons of features that you really don't need.You just need some easy to use app for posting news ...

Absolute Live Support .NET 5.1

Absolute Live Support .NET is a live chat customer support software that allows your web site visitors to instantaneously communicate and interact with your customer service personnel.
With Absolute Live Support, your web site visitors ...

Absolute Live Support XE 1.0

Top features and Benefits

Absolute Control Panel 1.0

Login to your web modules from a single place

Absolute Poll Manager 4.1

It takes less than five minutes to have it working on your site : Just upload and run!

Absolute News Manager 3.2

Fast and Easy Article Publishing

Absolute FAQ Manager 1.5

Customer Support service on Demand!

Absolute Banner Manager 2.0

So Powerful and Feature Rich...

Absolute Newsletter 6.0

Working with the Absolute Newsletter is really easy:

Absolute Form Processor 1.5.1

Form Mailer, Form To Database, Form Validator, Autoresponse and More

Absolute Form Processor XE 1.5

- Easily collect and process information from your web forms

Absolute Form Processor .NET 4.0

Absolute Form Processor is a powerful tool for collecting and processing your web based HTML forms. The main feature of this app is that you don’t have to waste time developing server code, validation rules , form mailers and auto ...

Absolute FAQ Manager .NET 4.0

Absolute FAQ Manager .NET is a state of the art FAQ and Knowledge Base Management system that will allow you to create an online archive of frequently asked questions that your customers can consult at any time to get the answers they need ...

Absolute News Manager .NET 5.1

News Management Software and Article Publishing Content Management System in ASP.NET

Absolute Content Rotator 6

An application with many, many uses