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MailBee WebMail Pro 4.1

MailBee WebMail Pro is a web based mail client built as a set of scripts.

MailBee WebMail Lite 4.1

MailBee WebMail Lite is a free AJAX webmail application with skins support.

MailBee WebMail WAP 1.0

WebMail WAP runs under Windows platform and Internet Information Server (IIS).

MailBee.NET POP3 Component 3.0

- Download entire messages

AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP 4.8

PHP AJAX webmail front-end with folders, calendar, rich-text editor, skins

MailBee.NET Objects 5.8

SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL, S/MIME, DNS MX, anti-spam, HTML mail, attachments, international charsets, secure login, proxy, mail merge, events

MailBee.NET SMTP 5.8

Supports HTML mail embedded images, proxy, NTLM, send web page, charsets.

MailBee.NET POP3 5.8

Supports TLS/SSL, proxy, Bayesian spam filter, S/MIME, HTML mail, international charsets, embedded pictures, NTLM, APOP, PIPELINING, winmail.dat (MS-TNEF).

MailBee.NET IMAP 5.8

Supports TLS/SSL, S/MIME, proxy, Bayesian spam filter, HTML mail, international charsets, embedded pictures, IDLE, and more.

MailBee.NET Security 5.8

MailBee.NET Security components enable .NET applications to sign, verify, encrypt, decrypt e-mails, work with DomainKeys, S/MIME and SSL/TLS certificates, connect to secure mail servers with MailBee.NET SMTP/POP3/IMAP components, use impersonation.

MailBee.NET AntiSpam 5.8

MailBee.NET AntiSpam is a .NET component which allows applications to detect spam messages with self-learning and very efficient Bayesian filter.

MailBee Objects 5.8


MailBee POP3 5.8

ActiveX component for receiving, parsing and managing mail on POP3 servers.

MailBee SMTP 5.8

ActiveX component - compose, mail merge, send mail to SMTP or queue, direct send.

MailBee IMAP4 5.8

ActiveX component for receiving, parsing and managing mail on IMAP4 servers.

MailBee Message Queue 1.5

MailBee Message Queue is a background email sending companion of MailBee.SMTP object.

MailBee SSL/SMIME 5.8

Add SSL, S/MIME and Gmail support to your applications which use MailBee ActiveX.