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En-Ro Letter Samples 1.0

Bilingual English-Romanian business letters - The layout of a business letter, business transactions, money and legal matters, business relations

Eminem 1.0

Eminem is an American rapper, one of today's most popular and controversial rappers, and a Grammy and Oscar-winner.
Discovered by rapper/producer Dr. Dre, Eminem is known as one of the most skillful and controversial rappers in the ...

block-Site_Visitors 1.0

Site Visitors block as seen at

Integration PHP-Nuke and PhpMyChat DB Users 1.0

What you will find: - Block of current active chat users in chat.

EZ Moreover News Module 1.0

This will be the easiest news module you've ever installed.

Counter Strike Red theme pack 1.1.0

Counter Strike Red theme pack

awords search module 1.0

In the first time, it is possible to choose how many result do you want to show.

E-card (Thanksgiving) 1.0

This file is in a zip format to save space and is virus free.

Funvideos for phpnuke 1.0

Funvideos (over 200) - External LiveContent for more topicality. The content is updated regulary.

Google Tap Beta 0.6.5b

This is the newest, long awaited GT version Beta 0.6.

Hitskey Shoutbox 1.0

Hitskey Shoutbox is a PHP Nuke Version of SmileTag. SmileTag is an Ajax Shoutbox script made by Yuniar Setiawan
We use this version: ---- SmileTag Version 2.3 Copyright (C) 2005 Yuniar Setiawan --- SmileTag come with large of feature. It ...

Amazon Tracker for PHPNuke 1.0

Track how many impressions and clicks the Amazon images receive.

Customize Menu 2.1

- Points out the NEW content of the website :

BattleStats 1.0

This was origonally a php script to show your Desert Combat and Battlefield 1942 Server Stats on a website. I modified the index.php file with some variables to make it work as a module for PHPNuke. Very simple to implement. The Author is ...

Free Hosting 4.6

2 * Removed the bug of the blank page with the newer versions of nuke.

Devil Modz - New Article Subscription 1.0

It allows a REGISTERED user/users to subscribe/unsubscribe to recieve emails whenever

Memory Terms Module 1.0

This module gives discriptions of many terms used in reference to your computers memory

Global VideoChat Gate 4Windows 2.00

The Global Video Chat is the Internet Revolution of Live Chats.

EQDKP PHPNUKE Module 1.3.1

This allows a guild to track of DKP and items. It can be used for Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest2, and World of warcraft.
After a few days of tring to make this work. i figured it out. I have taken all the files from my ...

Car Show 1.0

Car maintenance, lists of automobiles, companies, styling features, awards, body styles, classifications and safety.
Classic and concept vehicles, fictional and flagship automobiles, car history, automotive industry, luxury vehicles, racing.