Ami-Link Hide 1.0

Hide your rapidshare files or megaupload links by protecting the link numbers with a scrambled code
It supports, and The script can be easily implemented into your web applications.

Hide File Link 1.0

It supports, and

Ami-Downloads 1.3

Most important functions of Ami-Downloads:

Ami-Members Script 1.2

Ami-Members is a PHP script to manage members access to your pages.

Ami-Encryption 1.2

- Easy installation

Ami-Address Book 1.2

- Ability to add members with limited permissions.

Ami-Donations 1.2

The admin can set the amount of the minimum donation or the target for a specific month.

Ami-Newsletter 1.2

Ami-Newsletter is a PHP script to send newsletter in text or html format.

Ami-MCMS 1.0

You can also make your own templates for easy changing of site layout and style.