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Andreas Huebner


Script to calculate the visitor's blood-alcohol-lever

Andy-PHP-Coder 1.0

Easily to use script which makes your php-code very difficult to read

AndyAmazonSearcher 1.0

- Very fast search

Andy-Counter 1.0

Andy-Counter ist a free and easily to install php-script to analyze your web-traffic

AndyPoll 1.0

- Very easy to install

AndyFileUploader 1.0

Using Ajax, a visitor can upload and sent you a pic-file in the background.

Andy-Alcoholcalculator 1.0

Interactive PHP-Script that allows your visitors to calculate their blood-alcohol-level

AndyAlcCalculator 1.0

- You can easily customize the script concerning the look and feel of your web-page

Ad-Andy-Rotator 1.0

Simple, small script to display banners on your page - doesn't need any database-system

AdAndyRotator 1.0

- Installation of the script is very easy

AndyContactform 1.0

- The message is sent in the background, no need to load a new page

Andy-Contact-Form 1.0

Simple Contact-Form that uses Ajax to send the message without loading a new page

Andy-Amazon-Searcher 1.0

Script for your visitors to search for books in the database of without page-reload

Andy-Poll 1.0

Uncomplicated poll-script using ajax-technology