Animated Shuffle Menu

Auto Scrolling Image Menu 1.0

Features:- Very small and fast to load (just 6k)

Combo Box Hyperlink Menu 1.0

Combo Box Hyperlink Menu uses the drop down combo box to present any number of web pages.
When the user makes a selection, they are instantly transported to a URL of your choice ! A nice simple, tidy menu system. It is a very small (3k) ...

Animated Image Menu 1.0

Features: - Any size and any number of menu buttons

Sliding Arrow Menu 1.0

- Infinite number of menu options, URLs and target windows

Hover-Image Button 1.0

It is very small and fast to load

Scrolling Time Counter 1.0

Scrolling Time Counter is a simple scrolling counter with a "hit counter" style.

Fading Text Messages 1.0

Fully configurable for :

Animated Image Viewer 1.0

- Display any number of images

Advanced Multiple Advert Banner 1.0

- Allows an infinite number of adverts to be displayed in one location !