Anti-spam Image Generator zubrag


Email Extractor PHP 1.0

The script is very easy to install and use and is compatible with all PHP versions.

PHP Thumbnail Creator 1.0

Features:- Proportional image resize

Advanced Password Protect 1.0

Script will show login form to protect content from unauthorized access.

Thumbnail Generator 1.23

Save thumbnail on server or output to browser.

Watermark Image with Text 1.0

Simple approach to apply copyright notice or company name

Watermark Image 1.0

The script will watermark image using another image.

Email Extractor 1.0

Extracts emails either from provided text or from URL

Smart File Download 1.21

Avoids direct files download, hides real file paths, downloads log.

Recursive Text Replacer 1.0

Replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string in text files.

PHP Text Splitter 1.0

Breakes plain text into sentences.

cPanel/WHM Account Creator for Reseller 1.1

Tool for resellers to automate cPanel/WHM account creation.

cPanel Subdomains Creator 1.1

Creates subdomains on cPanel based hosting using cPanel interface.

cPanel Email Account Creator 1.0

Add email accounts on cPanel hosting with ease.

cPanel FTP Account Creator 1.0

Use this script to create FTP accounts on cPanel hosting.

cPanel Email Forwarder Creator 1.2

Script will create email forwarders on cPanel based hosting.

Delete cPanel Subdomain 1.0

Supports bunch delete.

cPanel Database Creator 1.2

Creates databases on cPanel hosting.

cPanel Subdomain Creator 1.0

Use cPanel Subdomain Creator to create subdomains on cPanel based hosting.

File Upload Form 1.0

File Upload Form with input validation