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Apache Torque 3.3

Torque was developed as part of the Turbine Framework.

Apache Hadoop Pig 0.6

It is coupled with infrastructure for evaluating programs.

Apache Xindice 1.1 / 1.2m1

It's a database designed to store XML data, offering support for XPath and XUpdate.

Apache Commons DBCP 1.2.2

News in the current Apache Commons DBCP version:

Apache Derby

The project's documentation is included in the binary release.

Apache Empire-db 2.1.0

It provides an unique type-safe object orientated command API.

Apache MRUnit 0.5.0

MRUnit allows unit testing of MApReduce Hadoop jobs.

Apache Sqoop 1.4.0

Can be used to move bulk data both ways between Hadoop and structured datastores.

Apache Lenya 2.0.3

Most important functions of Apache Lenya:

Apache Roller 4.0

- Multi-user blogging: can support tens of thousands of users and blogs