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Apache DVSL 1.0

Most important functions of Apache DVSL:

Apache Anakia 1.0

Anakia uses tools like Velocity and JDOM to transform XML documents into other formats.

Apache Scout 1.2.1

The JAXR API provides tools for the integration of XML Registries based on ebXML or UDDI.

Apache Commons SCXML 0.9

It can execute an environment agnostic state machine defined using SCXML documents.

Anakia 1.0

Anakia is great for documentation/project web sites

Apache Axiom 1.2.12

The combination of these is an easy to use API with a very high performant architecture!

Apache Jakarta JMeter 2.4

Most important functions of Apache Jakarta JMeter:

Apache Jakarta Cactus 1.8.1

It uses JUnit and extends it.

Apache JAMES MPT 0.1

MPT stands for Apache James Mail Protocol Tester.

Apache AntUnit 1.1

More documentation is found in the download package.

Apache Bigtop 0.1.0

Download Apache Hadoop from here.

Apache Olio 0.2

Comes with three versions, for PHP, Ruby (Rails) and Java EE.

Apache Commons BeanUtils 1.8.2

The Java language provides Reflection and Introspection APIs.

Apache Commons IO 1.4

Most important functions of Apache Commons IO:

Apache Commons Email 1.2

Commons Email aims to provide a API for sending email.

Apache Commons JEXL 2.0

It is a small footprint "glueing" API with core features fit in 3 classes and 10 methods.

Apache Commons Chain 1.2

It is a popular technique of organizing the flow in execution of many processes.

Apache Jakarta BSF 2.4.0 / 3.0

Access to Java objects and methods from scripting languages is also provided.

Apache Commons Modeler 2.0.1

Three types of MBeans are defined in JMX, of which Model MBeans are the most flexible.

Apache ORO 2.0.8

News in the current Apache ORO version: