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Apache Jakarta JCS 1.3

Like any caching system, JCS is most useful for high read, low put applications.

Apache Commons Pool 1.5.4

Apache Commons Pool also provides an Object-pooling API.

Apache Tika 0.7

Most important functions of Apache Tika:

Apache Jakarta BCEL 5.2

Java class files end with the .class extension.

Apache Commons Betwixt 0.8

It is implemented using an XMLBeanInfo and XMLIntrospector classes which are similar to the standard BeanInfo and Introspector from the Java Beans specification.
Betwixt provides a way of turning beans into XML as well as automatically ...

Apache Commons Exec 1.0.1

It was built as an API for dealing with external process execution and environment management in Java.
Executing external processes from Java is a well-known problem area. It is inheriently platform dependent and requires the developer to ...

Apache Commons Discovery 0.4

· Commons Logging 1.0.4 or higher

Apache Commons DbUtils 1.3

DBUtils was designed to be small, fast and transparent.

Apache Regexp 1.5

News in the current Apache Regexp version:

Apache Commons Configuration 1.6

News in the current Apache Commons Configuration version:

Apache Commons CLI 1.2

Most important functions of Apache Commons CLI:

Apache Commons HttpClient 4.0.1

Most important functions of Apache Commons HttpClient:

Apache Commons Lang 2.4

Their are mainly methods for manipulation of the java.lang core classes.

Apache Commons Collections 3.2.1

Most important functions of Apache Commons Collections:

Apache WSIF 2.0

WSIF stands for Web Services Invocation Framework.

Apache Whirr 0.1.0

The libraries are written in Java, with sprinkles of XML and Python.

Apache Axis2 (Java) 1.0

Axis2 is the successor to the widely used Apache Axis SOAP implementation.

Apache Shindig 2.0.0

Apache Shindig is developed in two languages: Java and PHP.

Apache Chemistry CMIS for Java 0.1.0

The aim of OpenCMIS is to make CMIS simple for Java client and server developers.

Apache jUDDI 3.0.3

jUDDI is part of the Apache Web Services project.