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Apache Commons Daemon 1.0.4

Daemon is made of 2 parts.

Apache Aries 0.3

Samples are provided to understand how Aries functions.

Apache Archiva 1.3.4

It takes care of personal or enterprise-wide build artifact repositories.

Apache Hadoop Hive 0.7.0

It also supports analysis of large datasets data stored in Hadoop files

Apache NPanday 1.4.0

Most important functions of Apache NPanday:

Apache ACE 0.8.0

It is built using OSGi and can be deployed in different topologies.

Apache Etch 1.1.0

Etch is language and transport layer independent.

Apache Commons JCI 1.1

All the currently supported compilers provide in-memory compilation.

Apache log4net 1.2.10

It is a port of the log4j logging framework to the .NET runtime.

Apache log4cxx 0.10.0

This helps reduce the volume of logged output and minimize the cost of logging.

Apache Axis (C++) 1.0

Axis CPP has a C++ runtime engine at its core.

Apache Axis2 (C) 1.0

Apache Axis2/C can be used to provide and consume WebServices.

Apache POI 3.6

News in the current Apache POI version:

Apache Deltacloud 0.4.0

Comes with a client and core version.

Apache SIS 0.1

News in the current Apache SIS version:

Apache Chemistry CMIS for Python 0.5

The aim of OpenCMIS is to make CMIS simple for Java client and server developers.

Apache OODT 0.2

Apache OODT is a component based software with the parts that can mix 'n match.

Apache Hama 0.2.0

Can be used for matrix, graphs, network computations and much more.

Apache Buildr 1.4.1

It has support for Scala, Groovy and a growing number of JVM languages and tools.

Apache Commons Attributes 2.2

It is a runtime API to metadata attributes such as doclet tags.