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Apache ECS 1.4.2

It directly supports XML and HTML 5.0.

Apache Commons JXPath 1.3

XPath was standardized by W3C and is used in both XSLT and XPointer.

Apache Commons Jelly 1.0

It is a tool for turning XML into executable code.

Apache Commons Primitives 1.0

JDK 1.5 added auto-boxing to simplify working with primitive types.

Apache Commons EL 1.0

The JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), version 1.0, introduced the concept of an Expression Language (EL), whose main goal is to provide page authors with an easy way to access and manipulate application data without requiring the use of ...

Apache Hadoop Avro 1.3.0

Most important functions of Apache Hadoop Avro:

Apache Commons Transaction 1.2

News in the current Apache Commons Transaction version:

Apache JSPWiki 2.8.4

Most important functions of Apache JSPWiki:

Apache Tomcat 5.5.29 / 6.0.26

News in the current Apache Tomcat version:

Apache ServiceMix 3.3.2

ServiceMix includes many JBI components including HTTP, JMS, BPEL, Rules, and many more.

Apache FtpServer 1.0.4

By utilizing MINA, FtpServer can be scaled to a large number of concurrent users.

Apache Commons Net 2.0

Therefore, some of the design violates object-oriented design principles.

Apache Commons Proxy 1.0

Object providers provide the objects which will be the "target" of a proxy.

Apache HttpComponents Client 4.0.1 / 4.1 Alpha 1

It provides authentication, connection management and cookie management.

Apache SSHD 0.3.0

News in the current Apache SSHD version:

Apache HttpComponents Core 4.0.1 / 4.1 Alpha 1

News in the current Apache HttpComponents Core version:

Apache ActiveMQ 5.3.0

Most important functions of Apache ActiveMQ:

Apache Synapse 1.2

News in the current Apache Synapse version:

Apache JAMES Server 2.3.2

The James server also serves as a mail application platform.

Apache XML-RPC 1.0

- All primitive Java types are supported, including long, byte, short, and double.