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Apache Commons Validator 1.3.1

It is a framework to define validators and validation rules in an XML file.

Apache HTTP Server 1.3.42 / 2.0.63 / 2.2.15 / 2.3

Most important functions of Apache HTTP Server:

Apache AxKit 1.0

Apache AxKit is an XML application server for Apache.

Apache Directory Server 1.5.5

The server has been certified as LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group.

Apache Vysper 0.6

Vysper aims to be a full blown XMPP (=eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) server.

Apache Traffic Server 2.0.1 / 2.1.3

Apache Traffic Server has been developed at Yahoo!.

Apache Continuum 1.3.7

Most important functions of Apache Continuum:

Apache Wookie 0.9.0

It relies on W3C's Widgets specification.

Apache TomEE 1.0.0-beta-1

It is an all-Apache Java EE 6 Web Profile certified stack of Tomcat.

Apache Solr 1.4.1

It has XML/HTTP, Ruby, JSON, and Python APIs.

Apache Nutch 1.0

News in the current Apache Nutch version:

Apache Lucene 2.9.2 / 3.0.1

Most important functions of Apache Lucene:

solrpy 0.9.3

It supports queries, faceting, highlighting and "more like this" (similar results).

Apache Lucy 0.1.0

Apache Lucy is a port to C of Apache Lucene, and it targets dynamic languages.

Apache Lucene.NET 2.9.2

he Lucene search library is based on an inverted index.

Apache Rave 0.3

Apache Rave is a perfect tool to use in internet and intranet portals.

Apache PhotArk M3

Can aggregate image galleries from loca sources or remote source like Flickr or Picassa.

Apache Qpid 0.10

AMQP is the first open standard for Enterprise Messaging.

Apache Kafka 0.6

Most important functions of Apache Kafka:

Apache Wave 1.0

Wave is a rich, distributed, near-real-time collaboration platform, initially developed by Google, now an Apache Foundation project.
Apache Wave contains a Java implementation of the Google Wave Federation Protocol and a prototype server, ...