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Apache Isis 0.1.2

Most important functions of Apache Isis:

Apache VCL 2.2.1

VCL stands for Virtual Computing Lab.

Apache Jena 2.7.0

Most important functions of Apache Jena:

Apache Texen 1.0

It is capable of producing almost any sort of text output.

mod_tcl 1.0.1

mod_tcl must initialize an interpreter at Apache web server startup.

Apache mod_perl 2.0.4

The user can use Perl to manage Apache, respond to requests for web pages and much more.

Apache Abdera 0.4.0

Most important functions of Apache Abdera:

Batik 1.7

Batik makes it easy for Java based applications or applets to deal with SVG content.

Apache Commons Compress 1.0

The code has origins in other Apache projects like Excalibur, Ant, Commons-IO and jRPM.

Apache Commons VFS 1.0

Commons VFS provides a single API for accessing various different file systems.

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.2

This tool was designed to use with the ApacheDS.

Apache Commons Codec 1.4

It works with Base64, Hexedecimal, Phonetic and URLs.

Apache Commons FileUpload 1.2.1

News in the current Apache Commons FileUpload version:

Apache JAMES Mailet 2.4

A mailet is an email processing agent described by the Mailet API.

Apache JAMES jSieve 0.3

The standard language is defined by the RFC 3028 standard.

Apache JAMES jSPF 0.9.7

It was designed to match the current SPF-Specs of 2006-2009 (See RFC section).

Apache Xerces Perl XML Parser 2.7.0

Most important functions of Apache Xerces Perl XML Parser:

Apache Xerces Java XML Parser 2.10.0

Most important functions of Apache Xerces Java XML Parser:

Apache Xerces C++ XML Parser 1.0

Most important functions of Apache Xerces C++ XML Parser:

Apache XMLBeans 2.5.0

The idea is to allow to access the full power of XML in a Java friendly way.