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Login Class 1.0

Login Class - how to insert a login class in php

Authorize with basic HTTP using PHP 1.0

Authorize with basic HTTP using PHP - make an authorize page with basic HTTYP using PHP

Download File snippet 1.0

Download File snippet demonstrates how to downlollab.IDvia ActiveCollab.

Create post slug from title 1.0

Create post slug from title shows you how to create post slug from title in php.

Check for valid email address 1.0

Check for valid email address is a php snippet that you can use to check for valid email adresses.

OSCommerce Table Width 1.0

OSCommerce Table Width is a html code to set the table with for e Table We.

Div iFrame 1.0

Div iFrame script is a html code for div tag manipulation.

Month Day Year Dropdown 1.0

Month Day Year Dropdown is a html dropdown menu to select month, day and year.

Show PHP errors 1.0

Show PHP errors - php snippet you can use to show php errors.

ViewController Format Date Callback 1.0

ViewController Format Date Callback inserts ViewController Format Date Callback into php.

Import CSV File 1.0

Import CSV File reads a CSV file and extracts each item into the appropriate variable for processing.each item;

Resize Image 1.0

Creates a thumbnail from an existing image. $filename is the original filename, while $tmpname is the actual filesystem name (for example, the temporary filename used in a PHP upload).
Returns an image resource which you can then output ...

Month Table 1.0

Month Table - create month table in php

Get Yahoo! Weather Data 1.0

Get Yahoo! Weather Data grabs Yahoo!'s weather RSS feed for a given zipcode and extracts the current temperature and conditions.

PHP Session Wrapper Class 1.0

PHP Session Wrapper Class is a Session Wrapper Class for php snippet.

Scott's DB quote function 1.0

Scott DB quote function shows you how to use database quote function.

MySQL Database Wrapper 1.0

MySQL Database Wrapper is a MySQL Database Wrapper for your php snippet.

Forgot password logic 1.0

Forgot password logic script inserts an forgot password form in php.

Fix Form Slashes 1.0

Fix Form Slashes - Fixes MAGIC_QUOTES.

Header Redirect 1.0

Header Redirect is a PHP code to redirect a user to another location.