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Page Numbers for PHP-Nuke 1.0

Page Numbers at the bottom of the News, Topics, and Category pages.

Amber Alert for the U.S. 1.0

This block was tested on a 6.5 and 7.0 ver of PHPNuke.

Amber Alert for Canada 1.0

This block was tested on a 6.5 and 7.0 ver of PHPNuke.

SoftWhite PHP-Nuke Theme 1.0

White and Blue theme with matching forum template and blank header logo.

Ma boutique for PHP-Nuke 1.0

Note: Install instruction only in French.

nCo Status Scroller 1.0

This is a simple status bar scroller

4nCalendar Module 0.9

- Days- Months- Years- View

NSN Your Account 760 330

New version only for PHPNuke 7.6,

Kaspersky 6.5-7.6 1.0

Block contains a set of links to the various areas on

RP-Web Links for PHP-Nuke 7.6 2.0

- You can customize module tabel colors to what your theme are using.

Orange Crush Theme Pack 1.0

- Matching Forum Templates

Color Chart 1.0

Color Chart just like the one on their site.

Greeny Theme Pack 7.7 1.0

Includes matching forum template, Forum center block, download and weblink images, fonts and a blank logo tempate so you can make your own.

Most Ever Online 1.0

This block shows you the most ever users online

Mid-Night Theme 1.0

Mid-Night theme with matching forums has been tested to work upto PHP-Nuke 7.0

SN Admin Block 1.0

SN Admin Block is a graphical replacement for the Admin Block that comes standard with PHP-Nuke. It displays rows of mini icons for administrative functions and is customizable via it's own admin module.

block-clock calendar addon 1.0

Analog Clock and Calendar for PhpNuke 6.x.

Clan Module 1.0

Clan module for PHP-Nuke.

Scrolling Top Downloads 1.0

Total Files Total Served. Webmaster can set the # of Items Shown.

Black Theme Poll Images Fix 1.0

Fixes poll errors in black theme