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Registry Wrapper 1.2

This script provides "Registry", a Windows registry wrapper class that makes it easy to work with the Windows registry.
The class works with an inner class named "RegistryKey", which wraps up a Windows registry key and provides methods to ...

Mini-commands using subprocess 1.1

This script contains a set of template classes which allows to develop custom "mini-command" classes which allow to execute any system command and customize the execution using template strings.

Drawing rubberbands over a canvas 1.1

This class describes a generic method of drawing rubberbands on a wxPython canvas object (wxStaticBitmap, wxPanel etc) when the user presses the left mouse button and drags it over a rectangular area. It has methods to return the selected area ...

Image extractor 1.0

This script allows you to extract images (jpeg/gif) from screensaver files, webshots collection files, powerpoints, microsoft word documents etc.

Check your Windows sound system 1.0

Check your Windows sound system script finds out if the sound hardware on your windows PC is working properly.

Simple XML serlializer/de-serializer 1.0

This script presents a way of serializing & de-serializing XML using the marshal module. The XML is converted to an equivalent Python dictionary first, which is marshaled to serialize it. De-serialization first unmarshals the dictionary from ...

Multiple replace in a string 1.0

This script helps you to quickly replace multiple characters/strings in a string with characters from another string.

Symmetric data obfuscation using xor 1.0

This script can be conveniently used to obfuscate a string of data using simple xor without using any key.

Amaze 1.9

Amaze is a completely object-oriented Pythonic maze generator/solver.

Complex Boolean Regular Expression Class 1.4

This class wraps up a complex boolean word expression, creating an internal regular expression, and provides methods that allows you to perform matches and searches on it.

Composite design-pattern using dictionaries 1.1

The script illustrates the composite design pattern by using hierarchical dictionaries. It can be used to process hierarchical, tree-based data structures using Python dictionaries.

A basic time profiler 1.0

A basic time profiler script provides a very simple time profiling module which helps you to measure actual execution time for blocks of Python code.

Timeit module wrapper 1.3

This script contains a simple, easy to use wrapper function for doing quick tests of your functions using the timeit module.
The timeit module provides an easy way of testing the performance of your Python code by running it in many ...

HarvestMan 1.4.6

The latest version of HarvestMan supports up to 60 or more customization options.

Clean up a directory tree 1.0

This script can be used to clean up a directory tree irrespective of whether the directory tree contains
non-empty directories. As long as the user has permission to remove the files, this will work.
There is no files, thor cleaning ...

Simple File Splitter/Combiner module 1.3

As usual python excels in such 'scripting' tasks and this script makes the job a breeze.

'Zip walker' - Zip file tree generator 1.0

This script is a generator which provides a quick way to 'walk' a zip file archive. The generator can process multiple zip archives, i.e zip files which contain zip files. It is inspired by the os.walk function.
I have to write Python ...

Python replacement for java.util.Properties 1.4

This script provides a quick and easy way to process Java properties files using pure Python. Of course, Jython can always be used, but in situations where Jython cannot be used, this recipe provides a sure-fire drop-in replacement.
The ...

Python robocopier 1.5

This program is an advanced directory synchronization and update tool. It can be used to update content between two directories, synchronize them, or just report the difference in content between them. It uust report the difference in content ...

General purpose file iterator class 1.0

This script presents a general purpose file object iterator cum file object proxy class.