Blocking JavaScript Errors David Sosnowski

David Sosnowski

Glide-In Menu 1.0

When an icon is clicked, this script glides in a menu from screen-left. Clicking on the same icon in the menu causes it to slide off the screen, with the triggering icon sliding back in.
The script can be set to have either the trigger ...

2-Way Background Images Slides 1.0

This script runs an image slideshow in the background of the page, underneath the page content.
Used with the accompanying style script, images are discretely positionable in the page space, just like a regular slideshow. If you leave ...

Textarea with BG Image 1.0

This script allows you to add any image to the background of a textarea.

Boinger Window 1.0

This script launches a popup window that continually switches back and forth between two settable sizes. The cycle time and location are settable and may switch back and forth in the timing cycle.