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Auto centering DHTML pop up window Javascript 1.0

This auto centering window Javascript will open a window (DHTML) and keep that pop up window centered on the visitors page.
If the visitor scrolls up or down looking through the page content the window will stay centered.
Once ...

Refresh / Reload page once Javascript 1.0

Sometimes you need for a webdocument to instantly reload itself but only once.

Photo / Image / Pic of the day PHP code 1.0

The program will swap / change the image daily.

Secure login PHP Code 1.0

How the script works:

Local / LAN IP checker PHP code 1.0

Local IP checker / filter is a PHP program that helps to block 3rd party stat tracking when using a local network to access webpages. If you host your own website and use a 3rd party tracking company to track your visitors usage/system specs ...

IP sniffer PHP code 1.0

This PHP IP sniffer program will sniff out the IP address of your website visitor and email you the information without notifying the visitor.
You will need to make sure your PHP installation is configured to handle email functions ...

Save Website as Browser Homepage Javascript 1.0

This set as homepage Javascript will give your visitors the option of saving your website as their homepage.This is a very popular Javascript.
The script is compatible with all major web browsers. It is also easy to install, use and ...

Google search button Javascript 1.0

This Google search button Javascript will allow your visitors to search Google via your website.
This script is very handy on websites with many pages. This Google search button javascript code is a nice addition to any website.

Guestbook PHP code 1.0

Guestbook programs are very popular now days. It is a nice feature for your visitors to be able to leave messages to you or other visitors.
This security enhanced PHP guestbook program will allow your visitors to leave their impressions ...

Moving DHTML pop up window Javascript 1.0

Animated pop up scripts are very popular with site owners. They offer you the option of displaying ads or alerts to your visitors and can be quite useful.
This Javascript will launch an animated pop up window. This DHTML window will move ...

Anti spammer/spambot 1.0

If you need to post your email address on your website you need this anti spammer / spambot email Javascript.
This Javascript will break up the details of your email address and make it harder for spambots to harvest your email. Another ...

Referrer verification/validation Javascript 1.0

Do you want to make sure that your visitors can only access your content via your domain ?
This Referrer verification / validation Javascript is very useful for this. This javascript verifies that the request for a page (containing the ...

Timed IP blocker 1.0

This is a PHP IP blocker program that will log the IP address of anyone who accesses a page and the time the page was accessed and wont let anyone come back for a set time limit.
You can set the time limit to whatever you want. This PHP ...

No right click Javascript 1 1.0

There are many reasons you might want to disable the right click function within your webpages. Maybe you want to try and protect your images or source code etc...
This is a javascript that can stop your visitors from right clicking on ...

View once with time limit PHP code 1.0

You can use this view only once PHP program along with your current PHP log-in program. This code will allow you to restrict access to a particular file.
The user can view the resource only once within a pre-set ammount of time. The ...

Password Generator JS 1.0

This random password generator Javascript will generate random passwords with a variety of options. You can include numerals, symbols and regular characters.
There is also an option to add custom characters plus you can also define the ...

Contact - email form PHP code 1.0

This PHP contact email form program will allow your visitors to contact you via a web form. It will send the results to you in an email. This code does some basic input bounds checks (email address validation etc...) and is easy to set up and ...