CXSparse Tim Davis

Tim Davis

A pretty seashell 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2006b

A pretty seashell GUI 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2006b

UFget 1.0

UFweb ('HB/arc130') opens the web page for the same matrix.

PageRank demo 1.0

PAGERANKDEMO draws the 6-node "tiny web" in Section 2.11 of "Numerical Computing with MATLAB", by Cleve Moler, SIAM, 2004. It then simulates the computation of Google's PageRank algorithm, by randomly selecting links to traverse. If a link is ...

Matlab UMFPACK 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2007a

SuiteSparse 1.0

Many of these functions are already built-in functions in MATLAB.

Matlab LDL 1.0

Includes the AMD (approx. minimum degree) ordering package.


F = linfactor (A) ; % factorizes A into the object F


SSMULT multiplies two sparse matrices:


A = meshsparse (meshnd (7,5,2))

Approximate Miminum Degree 1.0

Authors: Patrick R. Amestoy, Timothy A. Davis, and Iain S. Duff.

CSparse 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2007a

PCIM Chat 2.1

PCIMChat is a multi-platform compatible php chat script.