Chameleon Bar Raingod


RandomPageFromList 1.0

The RandomPageFromList script reads a list of URLs from a text file, selects one at random and sends the user to that URL.

Button Info Panel 1.0

Many sites use JavaScript to put additional 'explanatory' text in the browser's status line when the user moves the pointer over a link. The problem is that the text rarely tells you anything more than you already know from the link title or ...

Random Images Javascript 1.0

Random Images Javascript simply stores a list of image pathnames and, when the page is being built up, writes an instruction to display one of them, chosen at random.If you use this script in a real application, the 'cannot be displayed' ...

ThumbShow 1.0

If the browser can manipulate document images, then it simply in-lines the large image

Kai Button 1.0

It does this by changing the 'src' attribute of the named button image

Random Strings 1.0

Random Strings javascript interpolates a random string into a page when it is displayed