Checking Matrix Elements Miroslav Balda

Miroslav Balda

Display text separator 1.0

It creates a separating text line on the screen and in records (diaries).

Smart text separator 1.0

It can contain arbitrary information or comments.

Simple formatted ASCII output 1.0

Data can be strings, integers, real or complex numbers and arrays.

Free format read - ffread 1.0

· MATLAB 7 or higher

Select path and filename 1.0

A user may select an item from the list by one of two ways:

Open and close a job 1.0

The package contains two functions, openjob and closejob.

fmfiles 1.0

The files are searched in the working directory, Matlab path and the system path.

ffpath 1.0

It looks for the file name of which is mentioned in the input argument 'fname'.

Display MAT files 1.0

· MATLAB 7.2 or higher

tolpk 1.0

TOLPK finds all peaks raising above adjacent valeys from both sides by a given tolerance.

Frequency, amplitude, phase and mean value of sine wave 1.0

Function: x(t) = a.sin(2.pi.f.t + phi) + x_m

LMFnlsq 1.0

Calling of the function is rather simple and is one of the following:

Quick search for local extremes 1.0

L = extr(x); % Find true local extremes

cxroot 1.0

of a complex variable x = complex(real(x), imag(x))

Multiple assignment 1.0

SYNTAX: [var1,...,varn] = arg2vars(x)

Figure window placement - fig.m 1.0

Position codes belong to parts of the screen as follows:

getpf 1.0

- entering one of displayed names, or

inp.m 1.0

The user can enter a new one or may accept the default value.

Find free file-name 1.0

The function finds an unused name of a file in a required directory.