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Chipmunk AWS script 1.0

Chipmunk AWS script is great for creating an amazon bookstore.

Chipmunk Pwngame 1.0

Chipmunk Pwngame is a simple game where you sign up and are given a link to "pwn" people.
All they have to do is go to that link and you get 1 point for pwning them. Its like those things where you click on a link and get eaten by a monster.

Chipmunk Riddles 1.0

Chipmunk Riddles displays a Random Riddle or question for visitors to answer each time they enter a site. Admin can add and delete questions and answers to the database.

Kill Monster 2.2

Killmonster lets users fight monsters in a 1-click battle.

Chipmunk Topsites 1.0

You can customize color, turned on options such as admin validation, whether to show buttons or not, time between resets, and much more. It has a gateway page and uses other method to prevent cheating. It also features user reviews and ...

Chipmunk Textcounter 1.0

This is a simple counter that keeps track of Uniques and Pageviews to a page or site and lets you view unique IP's that have visited you since the last time you set the counter.

Chipmunk Live 1.0

Chipmunk Live! is just a simple little real-time visitor tracker that tracks how many active users there have been on your site in the last 15 minutes.An example is below. This example only tracks this 1 page of chipmunk scripts.

Chipmunk Poll 2.3

This is not a multiple poll setup, you may only have 1 poll going at a time

Chipmunk CMS 1.0

Chipmunk CMS is a forum-integrated News posting system. All articles posted will have the ability to start threads of their own.
The forum also has a photo rating system for its members as well as a integrated PM system. More components ...

Chipmunk Random links 1.0

Chipmunk Random links is a powerful random link scripts.

Chipmunk FFAL 1.0

Features include word blacklist, IP Banning from posting, unlimited categories, you control how many links per page and the time a link stays in the database and a fully fledged admin panel.

Chipmunk Guestbook 1.4

Chipmunk Guestbook is an easy to use yet powerful guestbook with a customizable layout, ability to delete entries by browse and search.
The new version allso supports BBcode except the quote and code command in BBCode. You can also ban ...

Chipmunk Chat 1.1

This version also shows list of registered users within last 1 minutes.

Chipmunk Address Host 1.0

Chipmunk Addresshost is a script for you to host people's address books

Chipmunk Recommend 1.0

The recommend a script lets visitors recommend other visitors to your site.

Chipmunk Random Quote 1.0

You can easily customize the script to suit your needs.

Chipmunk Newsletter 1.0

Chipmunk Newsletter is a simply and flexible newsletter script using php and mysql.

Chipmunk Forum 1.0

Chipmunk Forum is a small yet flexible and fully featured forum system.

Chipmunk Story 1.0

Chipmunk Stories is a PHP/MySQL powered free-for-all writing system. It includes infinite stories and bad words filter.
The admin panel, lets you create and delete stories, delete individual posts and search for individual posts.

CMS Core 1.0

CMScore is a PHP/MYSQL powered content management and news updating system.