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Sliding Door Buttons 1.0

Sliding Door Buttons script alliledescrio make buttons with two rectangles moving left /right.

Flat menu 1.0

Flat menu is a drop down flash menu with sub menus, the menu can be configured by editing a configuration file (menu.xml) with a text editor. You can change buttons colors, button text, links, target frame, etc.
Most users only need the ...

Cromas XML Menu 1.0

This script makes a XML flash menu.

TNT Buttons 1.0

TNT Buttons is a buttons libraries created for macromedia exchange.

Chrome Buttons 1.0

Chrome Buttons script provides you chrome buttons for Macromedia Flash.

Image upload script with resize 1.0

Image upload script with resize is an image upload script made with PHP.

Trace Bitmap - Car 1.0

Trace Bitmap - Car is a sample of using "Trace Bitmap" option in flash.

Red Car 1.0

Red Car script presents you a car made only with flash.

Globe Animation 1.0

Globe Animation script creates a rotating globe from a plain image of world map, duplicated and moved in 2 directions masked by a circle.

Flames 1.0

Flames script uses a clip that is duplicated on stage, the clip is an animation (moving up) and it has some alpha and size tweens.

TNT Clip Art 1.0

This is a library for flash that contains many elements like: stars, fire, lightning, raindrops etc.

Balloon Shooting 1.0

Balloon Shooting game challenges you to click with your mouse on the balloons to shoot as many as you can.

Random Bubbles 1.0

Random Bubbles game challenges you to shoot bubbles on screen

Tabbed Content 1.0

Every tab content is stored inside a different frame.

Cromax Free XML Flash Menu 1.0

- Total number of buttons (enter text="none" to disable a button)

TNT chrome buttons 1.0

This is a chromed buttons library for flash, easy to use.

Liquid menu pro 1.0

- select number of buttons

Matrix menu 1.0

Menu extension for Flash MX, Flash MX 2004. Easy to use, custom user interface.

Google Search Box 1.0

It works like a real Google search box, sending queries when pressing enter or just pushing the "Search" button.

Flasx menu 1.0

getURL("main.htm", "mainFrame");