Countdown xoops


Cricket League Stats v1.0 RC1


Newbbex 1.0

Based on the 2.0.5 version of the Xoops forum, I have made some modifications :

Errorhandler 1.0

Simple module for logging and emailing, when an error page is hit 404, 401, 403, 404, 500

Liaise 1.26

Liaise generates different kind of form elements e.g. text areas, check boxes for webmasters to create their "Contact Us" forms by desire.
Submitted information can be sent by email or through the private message system incorporated into ...

SnX-Guestbook module 1.0

A very simple guestbook module for Xoops 2.x with Css design. Just install post and view.

Chiefbutz's Web Search 1.0

This is a great web search engine. You visitors can search the web!

Free Games 1.0

Over 100 Flash games to be used by your site's visitors

Xoops Block Enhancements 1.0

Currently Blockies contains five blocks:

AntiDoS-P 1.0

Install this from module manager.

News2 - News Module Clone 1.0

This is the News module clone many of us have been looking for

MMS Blogger 1.0

This MMS Blogger is a php script which sends MMS messages from a mobile phone directly to our server, and we publish them on your weblog.

Service Status 1.0

Display a list of IT services and their current status (up, down, problems)

xoops Table Logical Check 2.02m 1.0

Checks your sql database and highlights issues.

MyAds v2.04jp Bug Fix & japanese specification 1.0

The change part from original MyAds

Fractal DoNotShareMyDownloads 1.0

Let me explain, how it works.

Membership Module 1.0

The membership module is intended to help sites with large numbers of user manage the user base more effectively. It is particularly good at manipulating the group memberships, allowing you to easily create sub-sets of your users with ...

Search Domain Availability 1.0

This is the html code to add to a custom block in Xoops to add a search for domain availabilty.

Document Management System 1.0

Basic document checkin/checkout locking capability

XOOP Stats 0.45

The statistics can be viewed by regular users and by the admins the same.

MyHome 1.0

The purpose of this very simple module is to give Xoops webmasters the possibility to propose an alternative homepage or redirect to a specific page inside or outside your website.