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Denis Sureau

C to C++ Converter 1.0

Most important functions of C to C++ Converter:

Common RSS Reader 1.0

The script is compatible with:

Automenu 1.0

It will go over the content of a page and generate linked summaries.

SEB 1.0

It automates the backup process, when performed at frequent intervals.

Propagator 1.0

Can also be used from the PHP CLI.

Bioloide 1.6

Comes packed with plenty of useful webmaster tools.

Universal Configurator 1.3

Configure PHP with a graphical interface

Ara RSS Editor 1.0

Build and update the RSS feed of your website

Find/Replace Text in File 1.4

It can also works with a batch of files in a directory, chosen according to a mask.

Spy Links 1.1

It takes into account incoming and outgoing links.

Link Checker 1.3

It scans links found on a page and reports on their status.

Thumbnail Maker 

Create perfect thumbnails from images

Command Line Image Gallery Generator 1.0

The script will render an HTML page with images found in a given directory of images.

Formula 1 1.0

The script takes pre-filled text data files and compiles them into HTML pages.

Link Checker Pro 1.0

Reports broken links, redirects and other problems on links

Synchronization 1.0

This script may be used to update a website in different modes.

Ajax Extensible Page 1.3

A.E.P. is an innovation of the Web 2.0 that changes the way Web sites are built and used.