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Er. Rochak Chauhan

PHP Vulnerability Scanner 1

· PHP 5 or higher

Test On Image 1.0

This class can be used to render text on a background image. The letters of the text are made of graphics defined by separate image files.
The letter image files can be loaded from a configurable directory. This way different text font ...

Encode And Optimize PHP 1.0

This class can obfuscate and compact PHP source code files.

Mail Server Info 1.0

It works in all platforms including Windows, Linux and other Unix systems

PHP Yahoo Music API 1.0

It can retrieve several types of information by querying the Yahoo Music API.

Google Hacks 1.0

This class can be used to search the Internet for certain types of files.

Automatic Archive Creator 1.0

The origin directory to take the backup is traversed recursively. 1.0

It can lookup the palette to determine whether a given color is web safe or not.

Google Currency Converter 1.0

It takes as parameters an amount in one currency and the target currency.

HTML Generator 1.0

This class can be used to compose and output HTML documents programmatically.

Create ZIP File 1.0

This class can create ZIP archives from lists of files.

AJAX Rating Counter 1.0

It can display the current average rating between 1 to 10 using star icon images.

PHP Online Bookmarking Class 1

It can generate HTML and Javascript to display icons of many bookmarking sites.

Grep Simulator 1.0

This class can be used to search for text within files like the Unix grep utility.

PHP Debugger 1.0

The class display this debug information formatted in an HTML table.

PHP Fancy Directory Browsing 1.0

The list of directories and files are presented in a HTML table.

GeoIP API Connector 1

· PHP 5.0 or higher

PHP Keyword Analyser 1.0

It can access Google search pages to perform a search for a given keyword.

Download Images from Google 1.0

This class can be used to search for images of a given person using Google and then download the images to local files.
It is just necessary to specify the name of a person, the limit number of images to be downloaded and the minimum ...