Cross-browser JavaScript tooltip

Cross-browser XML/XSL check Javascript 1.0

Cross-browser XML/XSL check Javascript checks whether a browser supports client side XML/XSL transformations.
You can make a hidden iframe with the XML page in it, once it is loaded it calls a JavaScript function in xmlcheck.js. The code ...

Changing checkboxes 2 1.0

With the use of CSS you can control how forms on your website look, however certain items like checkboxes, radio buttons and selects cannot be altered, they are rendered by the visitors operating system.
The key to changing their ...

COOL GuestMap 2 2

The most advanced guestmap around, uses MySQL and PHP, and is fully customizable

Code highlighter 1.0

Applies syntax highlighting to any piece of code in any language

Duplocator 1.0

This script scans a directory files with the same content and places them in quarantine.