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Sandeep Gangadharan

Delayed Image Loader 1.0

Use this script to delay the loading of a particular image. It can be used to delay the loading of large images or banner advertisements.
A smaller image is loaded first, which can be transparent or blank. After a designated amount of ...

E-mail Button/Link 1.0

With this one-line script you can add a special E-mail link or button to your pages.


This script counts down the number of days left to any particular date. Users do not have to modify the script to set the countdown day.
You just modify the Month, Date or Year in the given text boxes and click the Submit button to see ...

Alarm Clock Javascript 1.0

With the help of this script one can avail of a simple alarm feature with a provision for typing any particular message to display when the alarm goes off.
Just type the hour, minute, whether AM or PM, and the message under the given ...

CountDown Timer 1.0

This countdown script directly prints on to the page the countdown time left in minutes and seconds.
This script could be used to countdown the time left for the page to be redirected or for any other script to be activated, etcetera. ...

Internet Time Javascript 1.0

This script shows the Internet Time which is a new time scheme designed by Swatch, the watch-makers, which divides the 24 hour day into 1000 "beats", measured from midnight in Biel, Switzerland.
As the Internet Time is the same all over ...

Page Visit Meter 1.0

This script will tell viewers the exact time they spent at a particular web page

World Times 1.0

With the help of this script you can simultaneously view the time in five different cities covering five different continents.
Now in all you can find out the time in 130 given cities situated in the 6 major continents.
Just choose ...

StopwatchJavascript 1.0

This is a simple stopwatch script

GMT Timeoffset 1.0

This script tells users the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as well as the difference between the time zones of local time and GMT.

CLOCK - II 1.0

This script displays the current time in a single text box. You can customize the color, font and the dimensions of the text.

Alert box calendar/clock 1.0

This script provides a button that on click creates an alert box pops-up that shows the current date and time. It is a useful script to have on certain websites.


This clock script does not require any text box

CLOCK - I 1.0

This JavaScript Clock shows the time in hours, minutes, seconds and whether ante or post meridiem, in four text boxes.
This is most probably the simplest clock script you can ever find. This example shows the time only in the 12 hour ...

12/24 hour format clock 1.0

This script can display the time in the 12 hour or 24 hour format. Users have just to click on the given radio buttons to choose the format.

Add Time 1.0

This is a simple script that helps users add time in the form of seconds, minutes or hours, to the current time.
This script was developed as a special request for one of this sites visitors whose work involved airplane scheduling.

Temperature Converter Script 1.0

This script allows you to convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Centigrade and vise-versa. Very easy to implement. Enter the temperature in one box and either press 'enter' or click in the other box to see the converted value.

Pop Up that Closes with Main Window 1.0

With this script the pop-up window if is opened, it would close by itself if the main window that triggered the pop-up closes or the visitor goes to another page.

User Info Javascript 1.0

This script helps you to find out the standard properties of your browser as well as a few other additional details like the resolution, colour depth, how many pages you have visited so far and more.
This script also detects the Linux and ...

Auto Closing Customized Popup 1.0

This script creates a link that opens a small window, the size, features and content of which you can customize. This window will then close automatically at a given time that can be set. Additionally the window can be set to open at any ...