Custom Tooltip Sandeep Gangadharan

Sandeep Gangadharan

Pop-Up Closer Link 1.0

This is not strictly a pop-up script but it adds a link within a pop-up that when clicked closes the pop-up.

Auto Hide Popup 1.0

This script opens a pop-up window which automatically hides itself behind the main window after a given amount of time that can be set.
This one line script prevents the pop-up from being too much of a nuisance and yet its contents can ...

Web Search 1.0

This script allows you to search for information on the internet using one of 10 popular search engines.
To search for more than one word, use a ' ' or '-' symbol, without any space, in between the words. On some sites you may need to ...

Web Search Javascript 1.0

This is a script that can help you search for information on the net using any one of the 10 popular search engines that are available to the World Wide Web community.
You can choose the search engine you want to query using the drop ...


By using this script you can put up a unique slide show of photos or other images for your viewers. It also has a textarea that can contain explanatory text describing each slide!
It's novelty lies in the fact that your viewers can choose ...

Thumbnail Photo Album 1.0

This script runs a photo album with thumbnails. Clicking on any thumbnail will result in a bigger version of the photo loading in a panel in the center.
There is also provision for a textarea that can contain explanatory text describing ...

Javascript Calendar 1.0

As is obvious, this is a script that prints the date on to the HTML document.

Astrological Sign Finder JS 1.0

Make sure your visitors know their astrological sign, using this script. Astrological Sign Finder allows your visitors to calculate their own astrological sign using a web form and providing the date of birth.
The script is very easy to ...

Gain in Percent Calculator 1.0

This script can be used to find out the percent of gain or increase.

Astrological Sign Finder 1.0

Astrological Sign helps your visitors to know their astrological sign.

Sun Sign Finder 1.0

This is a JavaScript Sun-Sign Finder script. You can find out what your Sun-Sign is by using the drop down list to choose the Month and Date of your birth and then your sun-sign will automatically be displayed in the last text box.