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Vagharshak Tozalakyan

PHP Parameters List 1.0

This class can be used to store and retrieve persistent session values that can be recovered even after sessions expire.
It uses PHP sessions to store the values while the user navigates in the site. It uses cookies to store the values ...

Print Anything 0.1.1

It generates HTML with special Javascript code and CSS style sheet that includes the whole page in a non-printable section and adds a new page section with given HTML that you want to print, but it is not displayed in the browser.
The ...

Extended PHP Mailer 1.0

This class can compose and send e-mail messages with support for defining the message body text from a template file.
It can send text or HTML messages. The messages may have attached one or more attached files.
It may also encode ...

Secure Session 1.0

This class can be used to prevent security attacks known as session hijacking and session fixation.
When a session is initialized the class computes a fingerprint string that takes in account the browser user agent string, the user agent ...

MyPager 1.0

The range of entries displayed on a particular page can also be configured to appear.

Private Sessions 1.0

It can also create the database table to store the session data.

HTTP_FloodControl 0.1.1

The detection of flood is determine according to a set of parameters indicating