DNServer Cesar D. Rodas

Cesar D. Rodas

PHPCached 1.0

Storing and retrieving compressed key values is also supported.

Bayesian Spam Filter 1.1

Text words are analyzed in terms of n-grams independent of the language used.

guaranix Rank 1.0

guaranix Rank class implements the Google page rank algorithm. It keeps track of the pages and the links that they contain in a MySQL database.
The class can calculate the page rank of each page based on the links that exist pointing to ...

WAP Push 1.0

· PHP 3.0 or higher

PHP Ajax 1.5.1

This package can be used to build AJAX applications with only PHP, thus without needing to write Javascript code.
The base class can manage all the AJAX interactions between the browser and the Web server.
Applications just need to ...

Url Rewriter 1.0

It can check whether the current request URL matches one or more rules.

File Exchange Protocol 1.0

It can create, list, delete, write or read files and directories.

GNU/Linux Stats 1.0

The information retrieved is stored and returned in arrays.

Guaranix Full Text 1.0

This package can be used to index texts for full text searching.

gStats 1.0

· PHP 3.0 or higher

gLogin 1.0

· PHP 3.0 or higher

Text Cat 1.0

This class can be used to guess the language of a given text.

gCache 3.0

First it checks whether the cache file exist and has not expired.

gWidgets 1.0

· PHP 3.0 or higher

Database Abstraction Layer 1.0

The MySQL and SQLite database engines are supported.

JSON 1.0

A JSON representation of any variable value of any PHP type can be generated.

CRUD Class 1.0

· PHP 3.0 or higher

PHP poppassd client 1.0

· PHP 3.0 or higher

PHP CVS Client 1.0

Most important functions of PHP CVS Client:

Auto Ajax 1.0

It uses some Javascript code to intercept the clicks on the current page links.