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Dacio's Picture of the day 1.0

A simple picture of the day script.

Dacio's Quotes 1.0

A simple quote displayer.

Dacio's Login 2.3

Make content a little bit secure!

Dacio's News 1.1

This is a news management script. It uses mysql to store content (text and pictures).

Dacio's Links 1.0

Dacio´s Links is a links management script. It uses a mysql database to store content (link & picture).
This script shows links to other sites from database. It also has included links file to show links in your block site.

Dacio's slideshow 1.0

The main config is "List of links to pictures", where you paste shortcut to pictures.

Dacio's comments 1.0

It uses mysql database in the backend.It shows comments for one thing or you can

Dacio's calorie calculations 1.0

This script provides you simple calorie calculations tools, which includes two files.

Dacio's Navigation bar 2.0

This script is simple navigation bar.

Dacio's Font Previewer 1.0

This script is simple font prieviewer, that are installed on your computer.

Dacio's Potd 1.0

This script allows you to display a simple picture of the day on your web pages.

Dacio's Mail List 2.0

A simple mail list manager.

Dacio's FaQ 3.3

A simple Question and Answer script with administration tool using mysql or puszbaza.

Dacio's Mysql backup 1.2

· Tested with Apache 1.3.24 & 2.0.55, PHP 4.3.12 & 5.0.5, MySQL 5.0.15