Dataface Steve Hannah

Steve Hannah

Javascript BibTeX Editor 0.1.1

It can be used to add, edit, delete and reorder bibliographic references in BibTeX format.
It can be used by referencing an existing textarea by id or it can be added separately, which will create a new textarea.

Internet Media Manager 0.1

A centralized database for videos and images.

Librarian DB 0.1.2

A simple database application for managing a library of books.

Web Auction 0.3

A simple yet powerful auction script for organizations wishing to hold an auction.

Volunteer Registrar 0.1.0

It uses a simple calendar type interface.

Javascript BibTeX Parser 0.1.2

BibTeX is a text-based file format for listing bibliographical references.

PHPBB Usenet Bridge 0.1

This makes PHPBB to behave as a Usenet news reader.

Xataface 1.2

Simple framework for developing MySQL applications that are user friendly.

MySQL Log Parser 0.1

Simple command line utility to extract updates for a particular database from the MySQL update log