Debug Query Snippet


image2text 1.0

image2text is a php web site module.

Looping Email from Mysql 1.0

Also shows teh result to whom the mail was sent.

Writing to the beginning of a file 1.0

Very handy to have around. you have a text file that is huge and want to append to it. but you don't want the new data to go clear to the bottom of the file. Well this script will let you do just the opposite.
It will let you write to the ...

HTML Based Email 1.0

Very basic form to show you how to send html based email

Write to a file 1.0

This little script has come up a few times so I thought I would write a simle one for somebody to use. it will load a textbox so you can type some text in it and hit save.
It will then save what ever you wrote in the textbox to a file on ...

Replace hard breaks 1.0

nl2br doesn't always work if you submit html in a textare

Looping thru a mailing list 1.0

Can also set a time limit so the script doesn't time out

Flat File DB 1.0

This will cycle through a file in search of the users email addy. the file is setup like this:
contents of file.txt
The script will seperate the contents form the | line ...

Flat file to Mysql 1.0

Let's say, that in the flat files, the data is seperated using three pipes, i.e |||

Link Tracker 1.0

This simple link trackers works well with sites that have affiliate links.

Timer 1.0

A timer to count down a certain time.

Basic File Read 1.0

This little script will read a file that has information in it like this:

Login Authenticate 1.0

put the following in a seperate php file and include it on all your protected files:

Easy Session 1.0

This script shows you how to setup a session and read that session variable. if no session variable is found then it is passed to a form so they can start a session.

Site Search 1.0

Site Search will search a database for the searched words

Simple Database Viewer 1.0

username = the name you need to connect to the database.

Another way to set a cookie 1.0

Another way to set a cookie in php

Cookie Setting 1.0

It checks against a mysql database to ensure the user actually exist

Email with an attachment 1.0

Can be highly configurable to run with any code you have.

File Reading / Writing 1.0

A very short way to read a flat file and write to a flat file