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3Branch Internet Development Artist User Calendar Return Feeds 1.0 Artist User Calendar Return Feeds is a simple script that allows you to return calendars directly from the site.
You can provide to your visitors a HTML and XML feed for the calendar so they can lay it out on their site how ...

Javascript Open New Window 1.0

Javascript Open New Window script generates a new window in most environments.

Multiple File Upload 1.0

The script has been built to allow you to upload multiple files in one upload form.

Create Font Based Image on the Fly 1.0

This script allows you to create an on the fly image using text, its great if you want to show a font which you think visitors will definitely not have. This script can be adapted very easily.
The package comes with arial.ttf font and ...

Shorten a word to desired length 1.0

The function is very easy to be implemented into your own scripts.

Convert timetsamp to text 1.0

The script provides also a good compatibility with all modern web browsers.

Creating Word document on the fly 1.0

Creating word documents is simply easy once you know the correct headers. This script creates word documents (.doc) files on the fly, they are not stored anywhere, they are simply created on the fly.
The script can be easily customized ...

Remove numbers from a word 1.0

It is compatible with all PHP versions.

Print Box Pop-up on page load 1.0

It provides a good compatibility with all modern web browsers Javascript enabled.

Javascript Onclick Confirmation Message 1.0

The script comes in handy if you want to give to your user a chance to review its action before a submission.
This is extremely simple and should be nested in action tags such as links, it will halt the progress of the request and ...

Javascript Select All Textfield, Textarea 1.0

This script highlights all text within a textarea or textfield when selecting.

Displaying IP Address 1.0

Displaying IP Address is a simple script that allows you to view your IP Address. It can be easily implemented into your website to fing out the IP Addresses of your visitors.
The script can also be customized with easy and provides ...

Javascript User Details Returned 1.0

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers Javascript enabled.

Returning age from date of birth 1.0

The script can be easily installed and customized.

Creating a directory quickly 1.0

This is a function that helps you create a directory, quite simple just a knowledge required on permissions.
It gives you a good start if you want to know how to create a directory fast, not much can be said. The function is very easy to ...