Directory Iterator Sebastien Keim

Sebastien Keim

Spell checking 1.1

This class can only check a single word, it return None if the entry is valid dictionnary or a list containing the ispell suggestions. It uses popen2 module to drive the ispell typo checker

Deciphering Caesar code 1.2

This script shows you how to use letter frequencies analysis to decipher French and English texts.

ASCII encoding guess 1.0

This function could be used to check if a string contains only ASCII characters.

Lazy attributes 1.2

Lazy attributes script shows how to create attributes with 'computed at first use' values.

Ring buffer 1.1

A ring buffer is a buffer with a fixed size. When it fills up, adding another element overwrites the first. It's particularly useful for the storage of log information.
There is no direct support in Python for this kind of structure but ...

Priority queue script 1.0

Priority queues are a kind of container that allows specification of the relative order of the data.

Using introspection to verify Eiffel contracts 1.0

This script shows how you can use intospection to create a function wraper that verify Eiffel like contracts.

Reloading all modules 1.0

When you create a Python module, you can use a test script wich import your module. But you probably have noticed that when you run the test script, it always use the first version of your module even if you made changes in the code.
This ...

Forbidding inheritance 1.0

Forbidding inheritance script shows how to prevent the use of a class asForbiddinlass.

Fifo as single linked lists 1.4

Fifo mean "First In First Out". This script creates a container, which only allows element insertion and removal and where the first element inserted is the first element removed.

Options management 1.0

The goal of this script is to help the use of classes that need a great number of options in constructor for configuration.

Variant assertion 1.0

Variant assertion script is Eiffel like loop variant assertion.

Scope qualifier for globals 1.0

Scope qualifier for globals script contains the globaliser class that provides a scope qualifier s the glols.

Interfaces 1.0

Interfaces script deals with the Interface concept in Python.

Hex dumper 1.0

Hex dumper script allows yo to do the hexadecimal display of a byte stream.