Disable Image BBcode phpbb2hacks


Default avatar 1.1.0

Lets the administrator choose a default avatar, if a user hasn't already selected one.

Start a new phpBB style 1.2.0

This tool let you start/create a new phpBB 2.0.17 style from subSilver.

ezPortal for phpBB 2.1.8c

This Mod explains you how to create a portal for phpBB2 as simple as possible

Admin HTTP Referers Mod 0.21b

With this Mod, administrator can analize the Http Referers to the forum

Error Mod 1.0.0

1) Error reporting by email of errors that occur on your site.

Advanced Countdown 1.0.8

Adds a countdown block on your index and (if aviable) on your portal.

Extended Ranks System 1.0.2

This mod allows you to set up diffrent rank sets, wich you can use to attach different post count ranks to individual users, users who use a certain template or users who are either male or female.
You can choose to allow your members to ...

Online/Offline Indicator 1.0

This MOD outputs graphically a user's online status in Topics and the Memberlist

Block Bad Bots 1.0.0

This works for all websites and it is not just limited to phpBB.

Force Topic Read 1.0.2

Forces users to read a specific topic once, such as site rules, etc..

Toolbar 1.2.0

This mod adds a toolbar at the top of the index, forums and topics page which allows to search the last posts, your posts, the unanswered posts, who is online, to watch topics, to mark all forums and topics as read

Hypercell Class 1.0.7

This MOD adds a Hover Effect for table cell with dynamic icons (topic type and topic status) on the index board and the topics list, as well as on the Last posts cell

No images in quotes 1.0.0

Replaces images in quotes with "Click here for picture

Display Random Topics on ezPortal 1.0.0

Displays a random topic from one forum on ezPortal

Album Photo Upload Directory 1.0.0

You can upload several pics from a directory in the same time

Forum Permissions In Management 1.0.0

This will enable you to change forum permissions while editing a forum

Search Engine Optimization 2.0.0

This mod not only removes session IDs for all search engines and adds static URLs but it also includes many other changes that will help increase your search engine rankings by reducing pagerank drain and greatly improving keyword relevancy.

Bottom aligned signature 1.2.0

This mod will align signatures at the bottom of posts

April Fool MOD 1.2.1

With this MOD installed every user has the impression that he is an admin

Update Session on Page Change MOD 1.0.0

This MOD modifies the phpBB session management so it updates the user session information on page changes (so we get up to date info for viewonline).