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Auto Redirect 1

Redirect to different page according to browser or load different css file according to browser

Thubnail Generator 1

This script is small function to generate thubnail image in server.

Screen Size Redirect 

Free screen resolution based redirector written in javascript.

Delay Redirect 

Delay redirection javascript which show delay time in status bar.

Random Text Ad 

Free javascript to rotate random text link.

Random Image 1

Loads random image from folder

Daily Quotes 

Show thirty quotes in thirty days of a month one by one.

Random Include 1

Includes FIles in PHP script Randomly

Random Password 1

Small php script to generate random password

Browser Redirect 

Free browser based redirection javascript.

MySQL Hit Counter 

This is a simple PHP, MySQL and Javascript driven hit couner.

Adsense Employer 1

A short php tool to show or disable adsense ads with one click!

Online Users 1

This is a little function to count how many peoples are visiting a site online

Grapic Cookie Counter 1

This hit counter is a graphical php based hit counter.

XML Parser 1

Parse xml file from different sites full of news items and convert them into suitable format

String to Character 

This php script will convert a string into an array of characters.

Flash News Scroller 1

Has a admin panel, Uses test file to store news


Shout n Loud is Flash and php based shout box, flat file database non-mysql


Flash & PHP GuestBook, Non-MySQL, Text file based database.

Fixed Positioned Div 

This javascript will put a target div layer always at the same position in window whether window is