Disable Text Select DSCRIPTS


Live Text Counter 1.0

This text counter can be used to count up to character limit for a form field. When user inputs data in field, it shows how many characters left for every single key press.

Screen Size Redirect 1.0

This script redirects user to different pages for different screen resolution. Using this, you can ensure best appearance of your site for multiple screen resolution.
The script is compatible with all modern web browsers and is also easy ...

Open Random Link 1.0

- Animates when selecting a links randomly.

Array Navigation 1.0

- Stores structure of menus, items and urls in multi-dimensional array.

Javascript Hyperlink 1.0

- Create javascript hyperlink

Navigation Menu 1.0

- Uses html tables to create menu

Auto Redirect 1.0

- Simple url forward.

XML Navigation 1.0

This script is an easy to use navigation solution for your site.

Tip Box 1.0

This script can show tip box for your hyperlinks in different appearances.

Delay redirect 1.0

- Redirects user to a page after a defined time.

Multi File Uploader 1.0

- Online User counting php function

Text Organizer 1.0

- Organizes text by expanding or collapsing details information.

Gradient Page 1.0

You could use this script to add gradient effect in your page background. It don't use any image to make the effect. It only use code.
So doesn't matter how long you page is or if its height varies. Gradient effect will cover all top to ...

Javascript Include 1.0

This script allows you to use include function with javascript in a decent way.

Hover Background 1.0

This simple javascript allows you to change color when mouse is over a table cells. It can work with all tags include divs or table cells.

Live Clock Javascript 1.0

- Shows current date, time along with seconds.

Flash LCD Clock 1.0

LCD Clock is a flash digital clock for your website.

Flash Analogue Clock 1.0

Analogue Clock is a flash made analogue clock for your website.

Digital Clock Javascript 1.0

This script generates a digital clock that has an appearance just like an LCD clock

Daily quotes 1.0

Daily quotes is a script that shows 30 quote one by one every day of a month.It stores quotes in an array and then changes the quotes array respectively with date.