Display In 2-Column Table nothingless


PHP Pad Numbers 1.0

Sometimes I need numbers to always be two digits, even if they're less than 10

Loop in PHP Using For (Ascending) 1.0

If you have a set number of times you need to repeat a piece of coding, using the for loop is the easiest way to accomplish this.
$i is the starting number, 1 in this case. This loop will repeat itself until $i reaches 10 - you can change ...

Generate a dropdown with months in a year 1.0

The below code will generate a form dropdown for all 12 months, with the current month selected. Handy for those date pickers!

Date In The Future 1.0

How to display a date in the future - in this case, next month.

Use PHP Inside EE Entries 1.0

Change your template by adding the Allow EE tags around the field

PHP Random Number 1.0

Replace 1 and 10 with the range you want to pick a number between

Trim/Remove Spaces 1.0

To remove multiple occurences of whitespace characters in a string an convert them all into single spaces.

Trim a line of text to X characters 1.0

Trim a line of text to X characters.

Clean Up Form Input 1.0

Basic cleanup of user form input.

Display Current Year 1.0

Useful for example for automatic copyright notices.