Drag, Dock & Avoid Vic Phillips

Vic Phillips

TimeToEvent 1.0

There may be as many different TimeTo messages on a page as required.

Multiple Stop Watches 1.0

Multiple Stop Watches script helps you to manage two or more stop watches using a simple menu.

Calendar Input 1.0

This script can be used to generate lists selections for day, month and year. It allows date inputs to be selected from a popup calendar to the generated lists selection or to standard text INPUT.
Clicking a calendar date enters the date ...

Zoom Text 1.0

Clicking the area containing the text or a link referencing the unique ID name of the area will increase the text size, clicking again will decrease the text size.It is dependent on the event call parameters assigned to the element containing ...

Limit Line Display 1.0

This script limits the number of lines displayed and display more lines at specified intervals. It has an optional automatic start on document load.

Fake Prompt/Confirm/Alert 1.0

This script allows you to customise the appearance of your own prompt, confirm and alert boxes.

YoYo ToolTip 1.0

Using this script, when you move the Mouse Over a topic the tooltip will extend.

PopUp Generator 1.0

Each generator has it's own help notes.

Add OutLine 1.0

This script creates an element OutLine from an event call. The OutLine may be any size or color an applied to any side. The OutLine is applied at a specified speed and may be optionally toggled.

Simple PopUp 1.0

Simple PopUp script generates popup windows when on mouse over event occurs.

URL Pseudo PopUp 1.0

This script provides you an alternative to the standard JavaScript popup: a specified URL is displayed within a iframe of the popup.

Move Element 1.0

A MouseOut event call will slide the element back to the original position.

Tool Tip Message Clip & AddIFrame 1.0

The primary purpose of the script is to display text in an expanding message panel. The script may be activated from an event call from the message object or other object. The message panel is retracted on a MouseOut event of the message panel ...

Tool Tip II 1.0

This script will generate a popup 'ToolTip' where delays may be specified for both MouseOver popup and mouseout popdown.
The 'ToolTip' will avoid the window edges to always be fully visible when activated and is ideal for constructing ...

Add UnderLine 1.0

This script creates an element UnderLine from an event call. The UnderLine may be any size or color. The UnderLine is applied at a specified speed and may be optionally toggled.

Bubble PopUp 1.0

Customisation is at three levels:

Rounded Corners 1.0

This script permits rounded corners to be applied to DIV elements. The corners and associated edges are added to the initial DIV dimensions. There may be as many applications on a page as needed.

ToolTip Fade 1.0

ToolTip Fade script generates a tooltip window when you are with mouse over a link or image.

No Duplicate Selects 1.0

This script prevents a selected option text or value being selected in another select box.