Drag, Dock & Avoid Vic Phillips

Vic Phillips

Fake Select 1.0

Any number of 'Fake' select boxes may be rendered on a page.

Retain in Center/Middle 1.0

The script will retain an element in the center(horizontal) and/or middle(vertical) of the window while constrained within its parent element.

More Text Boxes/TextAreas 1.0

There may be as many sets as required on a page.

KeyBoard Input 1.0

KeyBoard Input script allows your visitors to fill in a form field using a dynamic keyboard popup.

Custom Scroll Bars II 1.0

- The Content Panel to be scrolled and Scroll Bar may be of any and different size.

Multiply InPut By 1.0

Any number of applications can exist on a page.

Progress Bars 1.0

This script generates a simple progress bar which is controlled by passing a percentage to the controlling function. The bar may be horizontal or vertical and the colors may be specified.
Passing a percentage prefixed with ' ' or '-' will ...

Image CheckBox 1.0

Standard techniques can be employed when verifying and submitting the form.

Image Gallery Scroll 1.0

Image thumbnails are displayed horizontally in a DIV of a specified width.

Image Expand & Display 1.0

When you click a ThumbNail Image, this script moves an expanding copy to a specified display element.
The expanded image is centered in the display element. The move is progressive and the move time may be specified.
If you move ...

Group of Random Images 1.0

This script was designed to display a group of random images in a horizontal or vertical display, with optional titles, links and popup.

Image PopUp II 1.0

This script presents you an alternative to the standard popup to display an Image.

Simple Slide Show 1.0

The frames may be portrait or landscape dependent on the selection.

Simple Slide Shows 1.0

- Display of a Large Image on Slide Show Forward or Back

Multi SlideShow Effects 1.0

This script will replace conventional images with SlideShows. The visitor can change the effects and the order of pictures appearance.

Multi Fade Slide Show 1.0

- The images to be displayed may be specified in the HTML Code or in an array.

Scroll Step 1.0

when the image in the center of the display will enlarge.

Batch Slide Show 1.0

This script allows you to run a slide show to display batches of images. The Slide Show display can consist of any number of images.
The layout of the Slide Show is not mandatory. Slide Show images that cannot be located will not be ...

Cube Slide Show 1.0

- Each Side Show content is defined in an array.

Image Slice Viewer 1.0

Dragging this 'View Box' within the thumbnail will move the main image accordingly.