Drag and Drop Window and Frame Components interaxis


Code View 1.2

Code View is an automated Web page tool that formats code for posting snippets to your Website. Present visitors with a very legible means of interpreting code.
Pass along a plain text file or buffer containing source code, and beautify ...

Interactive calendar time and date picker cross browser & multi language 2.10

Customizable calendar time and date picker input for Web pages includes wizard examples & user guide

Drag-and-Drop Calendar 2.0

The drag and drop calendar is a DHTML product that provides cross-browser compatible date and time picker interface components.
ddcal is dependent on ddobj, which is the framework for drag and drop objects and is bundled with the ddcal ...

Tape Calc. 1.2

Tape Calc. is a DHTML accounting tape calculator for speedy calculations. Useful for use in conjunction with Web-based form applications requiring calculations.
Included with the script is an example page that exhibits the use of the ...