Dusty Line jerez_z


Line Circle 1.0

Shows the process better

Drawing Class 1.0

This is a drawing class implementing the Bitmap Object in Flash 8

Mouse Lightning 1.0

Mouse Lightning - Nice effect for mouse lightning for flash

Pixel Circle 1.0

Pixel Circle script shows the use of bitmaps in Flash.

Bitmap Line Drawing 1.0

Bitmap Line Drawing is a small class written to draw lines using the BitmapData object

Exploding image 1.0

This uses multiple movie clips and dynamic masks to manipulate an image

Webcam Motion Sensor 1.0

Its a webcam motion sensor

Space Filling 1.0

Space Filling script demonstrates thew use of blur effect in Flash animation.

Spiral Fractal 1.0

Spiral Fractal script presents you an animated fractal with a siral shape.

Color Tree 1.0

Color Tree is an animated fractal showing a tree.

Maze Solving 1.0

Maze Solving script shows an animation representing the solving of a maze.

3D Class 1.0

3D Class consists of a number of different objects that all work together to allow you to build a world of 3d objects.

Fractal Tree 1.0

Fractal Tree script shows an animation of a fractal image.

Circle Line 1.0

Circle Line displays a simple animation of a circle.

Asteroids 1.0

Asteroids script is a full AS asteroids game.

jSweeper 1.0

jSweeper script is a minesweeper game made in Flash.

Mouse Gun 1.0

Mouse Gun script presents you an animation of a shooting gun.

Car Collision 1.0

Car Collision is an attempt to simulate two cars colliding.

Dodge the Boxes 1.0

Dodge the ion game.ipt allows you to play a simple action game