Dynamic Metatags Reimar Hoven

Reimar Hoven

Infosniper Geolocation XML API 2.0

Defend your business or shop by comparing entered shipping addresses with the geolocation of a buyer.

Worldmap 1.2

This script geolocates your visitor's IP-Addresses and displays them on a worldmap. Every IP-Address will be geo located by its longitude and latitude. This worldmap shows every unique visitor of the site represented by a dott.

Real Time Visitor Stats including Geolocation Data 1.0.0

Infosniper Livevisits geolocates,tracks and analyzes visitors in real time.

Worldmap of your visitors 1.0

Geo Locate your own visitors and plot them on a worldmap

Dynamic Metatags 1.1

This script allows you to dynamically include the required meta tags for your web site.