Dynamic Mp3 Player Andrei Potorac

Andrei Potorac

Dynamic Flash Player 5 1.0

Most important functions of Dynamic Flash Player 5:

News Display 2 1.0

· ActionScript 2

SWF Viewer 1.0

· ActionScript 2

Slideshow 3 - XML 1.0

All photo sources can be controlled from the external XML.

XML Gallery 5 1.0

Every image is preloaded before being displayed.

Dynamic Flash Player 7 1.0

The video will automatically adjust to the file's resolution.

XML Menu 1 1.0

All styling and menu options can be managed from a XML file.

Accordion V4 1.0

Two versions are included, both versions are one and the same SWF file.

Dynamic flash player 6 1.0

The player will adjust its container size according to the video's resolution and size.

XML Menu 5 1.0

When hovering over an element a stylized drop-down sub-menu will appear.

XML Menu 7 1.0

The menu's colors and links are editable inside the XML file.

XY coord 1.0

Locations can be added from the XML file.

Dynamic Flash Player 1 1.0

When the user hovers the mouse over the video, a play button will appear.

Loader 3 1.0

The package is formed by two different Flash preloaders.

Dynamic Flash Player 3 1.0

The video's controls will appear only when hovering the mouse over the video stage.

Dynamic Flash Player 4 1.0

Most important functions of Dynamic Flash Player 4:

Slideshow - XML 1.0

Captions can be added to every image.

XML Fullscreen Video Background 1.0

The video can be changed from a hidden panel in the bottom-right side of the screen.

News Display 1 1.0

· ActionScript 2

News Display 04 1.0

All text and image sources can be controlled from an external XML file.